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Pia’s looks for less

May 28th, 2010

Pia’s cute accessories

My assistant Pia and I were talking about how I can find cute looks for less. We got up and met each other and I took her on one of my shopping trips to the thrift stores. She wanted a couple of different looks for going out to different events with me.

She said she didn’t know how to shop thrifty and normally would go to the mall to find a dress. We stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores the Goodwill located on Scenic Highway in Lawrenceville,Ga.

Pia in blk ball skirt with wife beater

Pia said she has been in a Goodwill time to time but rarely finds things. I showed her the color of the week, which was red. When it’s a certain color of the week, you get an additional half off of your item. Weird thing is that they usually take all that particular color off the floor when they do that, why I don’t know. I have a trick for that though.

Pia in designer beaded dress with gold clutch

They change the color on Sunday. So I usually get up and hit the store when they first open because the employees just get word. They usually start pulling the clothing that morning. While they’re pulling the items off the floor, I’m grabbing pieces too ha!

So we immediately went over to the dresses. Pia is very tiny(compared to me). She wears between a 6-8. She actually can wear a 3/4 at the top but she has hips like me at the bottom. I picked her out some really cute dresses and she couldn’t believe they were only $5.89. She found some great interview dresses and more.

We then went over to the suit section. I showed her blazers and suits and how to take dressy jackets and pair them with wife beaters or tanks and to just add them with cute jeans and heels. She was like oh wow!

Detail on dress n purse

I put together a couple of looks for her for our event and she was so happy. We found a black Jessica Mcclintock satin ball skirt with a red ticket! So that was half off. She at first said, “how will I wear this?” I said, hold on I will show yah. It’s always good to have a formal long black ball skirt. You can dress it up or down in many ways and it’s a great key item to add to your wardrobe. I went over to the jewelry section and got some long strand necklaces and the ones I picked out were 1.50 a piece. I love pearls and suggest you get alot of them to add to your jewelry collection too.

I then found a white wife beater and told her to try everything on. So this first look was all under 6.00! Remember the ball gown was $4.89 with half off, wife beater was 4.39 and jewelry. She was excited!

I then found a vintage black beaded gown. This was in the specialty clothing section but it was in very good condition. She loved this form fitting dress and it was a designer gown, I didn’t get the name though. This was priced at 25.00. I was just showing her how this would have been very expensive in the mall.

Pia in blue cute sundress

She then tried on a blue sun dress that was $4.89. We had a great time and I walked her around to different parts of the store. Pia learned alot about thrift shopping that day and she thanked me for showing her ways to save money.She said she will be back after purchasing 2 ball skirts and accessories for under 10.00. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Very cute! We have been on the hunt for a GOOD goodwill! We will definitely check them out. I met Pia at your party she is such a sweet young lady.


  2. Sonya says:

    Ohhhhhhh THANK YOU Tami!!! You know this post is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!! YOU HOOKED PIA UP!!! She looks FABULOUS! Before you know it… she’ll be the next Thriftanista! lol…
    I love Goodwill, Value Villiage (half off on last Wednesday of the month), and Last Chance (they’re falling off a little, but it’s half off EVERY MONDAY, and 99 cents for certain color on Tuesdays). I just bought 8 Ralph Lauren Polo shirts for .99 cents EACH! Here’s the pic….AND THANKS AGAIN FOR DOING THIS ARTICLE!
    P.S…I found the PERFECT hiding spot! ;-)


  3. Celeste says:

    I will be going to check this thrift store out. Thanks for the info.

  4. Daisy says:

    I hate that you live so far out lol maybe I will go for a drive and find this Goodwill. I went to one by Perimeter mall that was supposed to be really nice and good and it was LAME! My mama loves a good yard sale/thrift store so that is where I get it from.

    Also what does your assistant do for you? #nosey :-)

  5. admin says:

    She helps me with daily duties with my show, events and more. She is a sweetie and lives close to me.

  6. I keep telling you that you’re talented. You really should think about a styling career with the movie industry!

  7. admin says:

    @Marian I never thought of it lol too funny, I would be a great stylist or personal shopper for people. lol

  8. Pia Williams says:

    The pics came out good! Thanks Tami for showing me how to shop on a budget and still be fly ! You are such a fashion Diva ! I will be back! Lol!

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