Pink Spotlight: Artist Yvette Crocker


I was online surfing the internet when I landed on Pinterest and noticed a lot of great art pieces that people had posted. I then noticed an illustration by artist Yvette Crocker and I was uber excited when I visited her website and instagram! I sent an email and asked her if I could interview her for my blog and then we exchanged numbers and talked on the phone for hours! Yvette talked about all her projects coming up, how she got started and her love for painting. She was such a delight to talk to and I can’t wait to meet her next year during fashion week! She is a fellow Gemini, full of creativity, artsy, sassy and I can go on! Yvette is my new bestie now and when I was talking to her about her artwork and jewelry line, it brought back so many memories! I use to draw and paint as well and if you guys remember, I was a top nail artist back in the day. I love art and how creative you can be with it. So without further adieu, please come inside to learn about this beauty and her artwork! 


When did you first pick up a paint brush? I taught myself to paint about 15 yrs ago. Could always draw but never painted prior to becoming a full time artist.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I am inspired by fashion,women and music. I just love going crazy with color. Painting women gives me creative freedom with fashion, hair and makeup. Lol

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How did you get the opportunity to team up with Essence to create their zodiac paintings for their magazine? Ironically they contacted me about my jewelry initially and some changes were made in the fashion department. So, that never came to fruition. In the meantime, the production manager at the time LaToya Valmont, who is currently the Managing Editor of Glamour Magazine, purchased a charm bracelet from me. Well, she was stopped by the editor in chief in the hallway and asked about her bracelet. Well, LaToya gave her the 411 on me. The rest is herstory. Lol


If you could paint a portrait of any celebrity and have them sit in a session with you, who would it be? Well, since I suck at doing portraits, I really have to wrap my brain around this one. Lol Oprah! Hands down! I would give her the biggest fro! Lol She is my Shero!

What’s next for you? Any other licensing deals, projects etc? I have so much on my plate I can barely breathe. Lol I feel extremely blessed to have a runway show for the Fashion Gallery New York for New York Fashion Week coming up in February and a lot of smaller projects between now and then. I have Designer Pop Up event for Thread DC in November for 3 days. Starting on illustrations for a book for Janice Ferebee in March. I love the consistent work. I appreciate being able to make a living off of my creativity.



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