Pink Spotlight: Kimberly “Farrari” Jones


I was online about a week ago when I saw this new reality show hit my timeline on Facebook. I clicked the link and I was in awh! It was a new reality show that had gone viral called, Strip Club Queens Atlanta that was making quite a buzz on the internet! I was very intrigued when I sat and watched the first episode, then the next and the next! Before I knew it, I had completed the first season and didn’t bat an eye! It was quite an interesting reality show about strippers and how they live and all the drama they go through while at work and in their private lives. I was drawn to one of the characters the most and that was Kimberly Farrari Jones. It was something about her that drew me in and I could tell she had a heart of gold. I watched her mannerisms on camera and how she had such a sweet spirit, I had to find out more about this curvaceous beauty!

I followed Kimberly on instagram and left her a message and she responded right back to me and gave me her number to call her. I liked this diva already because she was extremely professional and took me seriously. A few days later we met at a restaurant in Buckhead, she pulled up to valet in a Mercedes and stepped out in a banging two-piece body con outfit and white Giuseppe Zanotti heels. All heads turned as she sashayed her way into the restaurant to meet me! She is dropped dead gorgeous with a smile that will warm any heart. Lots of onlookers started to whisper and pointed when she walked thru the crowded restaurant and she told one guy, “baby you have to pay to touch my hair, so sorry sweetie, but come by and see me later”. I fell out laughing! Guys please come inside to find out more about Kimberly Ferrari Jones, please proceed with caution NSFW

I believe in fairness and although I don’t think that I have ever blogged about a stripper, I wanted to share Kimberly’s story with you guys because I often think sometimes that strippers get a bad wrap. I wanted to give her a voice. Most frown upon strippers but I feel like it’s just another job and they just so happen to take their clothes off for a living. It’s quite popular now and lots of people are taking pole dance classes and they even go frequent strip clubs now more than ever! Its not a career choice for most but hey, I am not here to judge anyone. I found Kimberly to be very funny, witty, sweet, a romantic, charismatic and a true hustler! She is definitely a person about her business and now let’s get to the interview shall we!


Where did it all begin, we want to know the back story! How did you become one of the most  famous strippers in Atlanta, do tell?  I’m originally from Griffin, Ga. I moved from my small town to Connecticut for a better life. When I got there it was not easy at all. My mom got on drugs and I was left fending for myself as a teen. I had to grow up fast and I was not left with many resources. I got me a fake i.d. and worked at my first strip club called, Dangerous Curves in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I eventually moved from there and headed back to the south. I moved to Columbus,Ga where I worked on an army base as a stripper. That place was called Foxy Lady, I will never forget it.

Most people in the world perceive strippers to be very materialistic, on drugs, a bunch of kids and very promiscuous. What do you have to say about that? I laugh and its so far from the truth. People beat us down a lot. Some girls that I work with are in law school but as you know, its extremely expensive. My co-worker decided to dance to pay for her books and other fees. I went to Morris Brown college and then transferred to Bauder College where I obtained my Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising. I do not have any kids and I’m in a healthy relationship with my boyfriend for over a year and a half. I also love taking care of my family.

You live a very lavish lifestyle my friend. Have you had any plastic surgery? Who does your hair & makeup and wear do you get your costumes from? Yes, I have had my boobs done twice. This time around I paid $4,000 for this set. I went to Robert A. Colgrove, Jr., M.D. in Atlanta. I love them. I have silicone and they were put under the chest muscle. I have also had my butt done. I had it done by a underground butt specialist but can’t tell yah too much about that. It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. It cost me $3,500 for the butt injections. As far as my hair & makeup there is usually someone at work that provides those services for us but I get my costumes in Miami at Kim’s Boutique and in Atlanta I buy costumes from a lady name Sexy. Outfits cost about $250 and up. I love to wear two-piece outfits and bondage looks with chains. My costumers love it!


You love music I hear. Tell us about your mixtape you have coming out? When I am not working, I’m always in the recording studio. People don’t know that I love to rap! I have a new mix tape coming out soon called, “Selling P*ssy Over Beats”. I want the world to hear what I have to say! From growing up in the streets, beefs in the strip club, dancing in piles of money, customers, relationships, it’s all in there! I’m very excited about it!

How did you land on the most watched reality show Strip Club Queens Atlanta? How much can a stripper make in one night by the way? I currently work at Blue Flame and these guys were up in V.I.P. and as a true hustler I made my way up there and asked them if they wanted some dances. At first they said no, and I told them, then why are you in here? They went on to explain that they were producers from Urban Clout and they were doing a reality show about Atlanta Strippers. They were looking for girls and they liked my personality. I had no idea that the show Strip Club Queens Atlanta was going to take off like it did! Now we are going into our 2nd season! I hope it gets picked up by a major network because there is nothing like it on tv. As far as how much we make, it all depends. On a normal night, I can make about $1,000 and up, on a bad night about $300. If it’s my birthday and I have a party, I can make up to $7,500. It all depends on how hard you work too.



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2 thoughts on “Pink Spotlight: Kimberly “Farrari” Jones

  1. Interesting that you interviewed Ms. Jones, I enjoyed her as well. As a viewer, I can definitely understand her from so many angles, and i’m sure many who have seen the show can relate. She has good ambition, not a greedy one as many entertainers develop. She’s always for the underdog, everyone gets included in her friendship as it seems unless she has a reason to pause. She’s charitable, but could take a very valuable lesson with re-evaluating who she call friends. The industry keeps you in the socialite shop because you constantly have to entertain people. However, as she matures older it’s time to break away from that scene and develop a more solid business and a peace of mind. Thanks for this blog Tami! I truly enjoyed it. P.S. I couldn’t find her instagram…would enjoy keeping up with a great entertainer.

    @Rere_TheUberGreat (Instagram)

  2. Yes Ms. Jones and i attended the highschool together she is a very kind hearted women although i do remember her as a little quiet but she overall was a very nice person.

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