Pink Spotlight: One on One With Beauty Blogger McKenzie Renae

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I’ve been knowing beauty blogger McKenzie Renae  for a few years now. We both had a stint at a popular magazine here in Atlanta. So when I saw that she was doing really well with her blog and had a great eye for fashion I reached out to her and asked her to do a lil one on one with  me. Come inside to learn about McKenzie, her favorite makeup brands, clothing line and more!
Why did you get into beauty blogging?
The idea of starting a beauty blog manifested back in college when I was a makeup artist. My girlfriends would constantly ask me common makeup and skin care questions. So I decided to launch a platform where I could educate women all in one place on their beauty concerns, personal advice, and trend forecasting on what’s hot in the industry. Over the years it has turned into a personal branding platform for the McKenzie Renae brand, a place of inspiration, beauty trends and advice, fashion guidance, and a space to encourage self expression and acceptance of who you are as an individual.
Your style is very unique, what are some of your favorite designers?

Thank you! Some of my favorite designers are Philip Lim, Azzedine Alaia, Balmain, Tom Ford, and BCBG. I am also heavily influenced by street style. The way every day women interpret a runway trend or inspiration, and make it their own, is truly inspiring. I appreciate women who are risk takers in fashion and are able to identify their own personal style and own it. 

Everyone loves your curly blonde locks. Why did you decide to go natural?
I am always open for change. I decided to go natural about three in a half years ago because of my stylist. She encouraged me to do the “big chop” so I could have more fun with color and styling. So I went for it and cut my hair into a short pixie cut with a couple inches of relaxer on my ends that would be cut off over time. I had very little knowledge at the time of natural hair and natural hair care, and honestly I didn’t wear my hair in its natural state for almost a year. After I embraced my look and found what products worked for me, it’s been one of the best decisions I have made.
Tell us about your clothing line?
Renae Cut Offs launched two years ago when I started to customize denim cut off shorts for women during the summer. Today it’s evolved into a custom denim clothing line created for women who only rock exclusive threads. We create everything from our girly Denim Bow Tops, to our coveted Boyfriender Jeans and high waist Gina Jeans that serve the perfect dose of edge and sex appeal. The line provides one of a kind pieces to fashion forward, trendsetting women who seek originality and dress with ease — it’s effortless. I’m so proud of the progression with the brand and I’m eager to see where it will lead next. You can check out Renae Cut Offs on our website, and our Instagram page @RenaeCutOffs.
Do you see any makeup trends that you are currently loving?
I am loving the new take on the bold lip this winter. Trying a matte lip versus a creamy lip is a refreshing perspective on bold shades. If you’re a dare devil, try a deep blue hue on your pout paired with fresh, clean, bronzy skin to keep the look from being too overpowering. If that’s too loud for your comfort, a deep plum or bright red are great alternatives. Bold brows never go out of style in my book. Always make sure they are clean and shaped professionally to really accentuate the rest of your features.
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