Pinktastic Saturday: Yvette Crocker’s Illustration of Talking With Tami

tami reed

Happy Saturday everyone I hope you are staying dry or warm! Our weather is not the best today! Remember when I was feeling a bit down the other day? Well later on that day, I got a text from friend and illustrator/artist Yvette Crocker to check my instagram! When I went to the app, there she was! This vision in pink and I screamed so loud! Yvette made this pretty lil lady in pink for me and she really put me in good spirits! How cute is she right?



I asked her awhile ago to make me a pretty girly illustration and Yvette told me she was extremely busy because she had a trunk show and some other projects to complete. I didnt know that she was trying to throw me off and later unveiled this pretty artwork to me the other day, what a surprise!!! I know how busy Yvette is and she does some AMAZING work, so I am so honored to have this piece! I plan on framing this for my office space. If you are not following her or buying her pieces, you are loosing out on all her greatness! She also makes one of a kind hand crafted jewelry pieces, pillows, notecards too! Thanks Yvette for brightening my day and I also rushed to get some notecards made as well that I will be sending out at the end of the year to those that made my year so great! This makes for a great Pinktastic Saturday! xoxo

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