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Pinky Review: Gucci “Sukey Tote” With Detachable Charm

March 28th, 2012
I am loving reviewing these fabulous designer bags from Bags,Borrow Or Steal! A few weeks ago I was sent over a classic Louis Vuitton tote(click here) and this time around I received the Gucci “Sukey Tote” to prance around town with. I like carrying the larger bags because I have a lot of stuff with me, so I always request the larger sized bags. I also love knowing that the shipping is free and there is always a return label inside so that I can ship the bags right back. Bags,Borrow Or Steal works out great for me because I get bored very quickly with things and by using their service, I can switch out bags like it’s nothing without paying full price for a designer item lol. With this Gucci Sukey bag, it’s light weight and fits comfortably on my shoulder. Most bags fall off my shoulder which is a huge pet peeve of mind. I switch back and forth when carrying purses from my shoulder to arm and this bag worked out just fine.
Many women stopped me while carrying this Gucci bag asking me who made it. They said they liked it because it didn’t scream out Gucci. Yesterday,I had an interview with actress Karan Kendrick who is in the new movie Hunger Games and she actually tried to steal my bag from me! She loved it and I told her about the website.Here is more info on the bag below and this purse retails for $995. At Bag, Borrow or Steal you can rent it for as little as $48 a week! Wow! Check out the site and thanks to Bag,Borrow Or Steal for sending. I can’t wait to see what else they send me! Do you guys like this particular handbag? xoxo
  • beige/ebony original fabric with light brown leather trim
  • type of material:Canvas
  • light gold hardware
  • double handles with 7″ drop
  • tab snap closure and side snaps
  • detachable interlocking G leather tag


  1. Meiqua says:

    That bag is so cute… I can see me rocking it… Lol

  2. Tamarra says:

    too cute

  3. Tamarra says:

    Gurl I see you at the W in Buckhead love that hotel..

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Wow, I do not even remember seeing Karan in “Hunger Games.” Was her part big? Well, anyway you are looking classier than ever. I really do not care much for Gucci purses or over-sized bags, but I am hoping that next they send you the Jumbo Chanel handbag in Lambskin leather if they have it. That would be perfect.

  5. admin says:

    Yes, love that hotel too! Swanky!

  6. admin says:

    Yes she played Atala, the head trainer in the film.

  7. The Sukey looks great with Karan’s spring dress!

  8. Yakini says:

    That bag is too cute!!! I am determined to try this site out before the year’s end!

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