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Pinky Review: Luichiny Latest Shoe Collection…So In LOVE!

February 24th, 2012

Last night I had somewhat of a shoe party online lol. I received a huge package at my doorstep and inside was a few pairs of Luichinys!!! They are from the Spring Collection! I leaped into action by modeling, tweeting,instagramin and facebooking the shoes and asking which ones was everyone’s favorites. So far it looks like the strappy green platforms are everyone’s favorite! I love the hot pink platforms personally! The shoes are reasonably priced and in these particular shoes they run small. I normally wear a size 8 or 8.5 and these are a 9.The shoes are soft in touch and very comfortable. Some are in a ultra suede material and I love the platform and wedge heel look! I didn’t think I would like a platform heel but they weren’t that hard to walk in. Strappy heels give your legs a sexy look and men love them! Most of these shoes came with an ankle strap too.┬áCheck out the shoes they sent me and I want to thank Luichiny for sending them for me to wear and prance around town in! All my shoes retail for $89.95. Enjoy and Happy Friday! xoxo

Luichiny/Eye Doll

Luichiny/Just Ify

Luichiny/Now n Then

Luichiny/Not Enough


  1. Yakini says:

    Hands down, the pink platforms are my FAV!!!! Love ‘em!

  2. m. k. says:

    Hi! I prefer the pink pair. It looks really good! I like the the green shoes too though.
    Depending on the brand and the model I wear 8 to 9.
    You wrote that they run small so I was about the look for a pair of 9, but I don’t want my feet to “leave” the shoes when I walk. So before I find them I would like to know if the straps are really holding your feet while you’re walking (coz some just slip and aren’t useful at all…)

  3. admin says:

    Good point! The shoe in size 9 fit me perfectly! The strap was just there! Nothing like a cute pair of shoes with a big gap in front or back of shoe! They fit fine!

  4. m. k. says:

    I’m happy for you then!
    Since there are no 8.5 let’s just pray that mine fits like yours. But thanks for posting all those pictures. It’s helpful when actual people wear shoes from the internet and show them, you know.
    Anyways thanks a lot for your reply!

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