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Pinky Review: People Like Us

June 19th, 2012

Yesterday we bloggers had a chance to visit Dreamworks Studios where there we had breakfast and a chance to see a private screening of a movie called, People Like UsAs I started to watch the film, I got deeply involved! It stars Elizabeth Banks(Frankie),Chris Pine(Sam),Olivia Wilde(Hanna)Michelle Pfeiffer(Lillian) and scene stealer Michael Hall D’Addario(Josh).

It’s about Sam having the task to deliver $150,000 of his deceased father’s fortune to the sister he has never met. Imagine your father passes away and you find out you have more siblings….yeah! Sam struggles with morality and goes on this emotional rollercoaster ride dealing with this. He has resentment dealing with his father,financial issues of his own, drama with his own mom(who is played by Michelle Pfeiffer) and more. This film touched me in a way I can’t even explain because I never met my own dad. This movie was intense,funny and grabs at your heart-strings.95% of us bloggers are women and the waterworks were flowing in the theatre! I never cry at movies but this one had me sobbing! If you love drama, you will absolutely like this movie and it has a surprise ending! It’s very well written,and I loved the little boy Josh who steals every scene, you can’t do nothing but love him! The actors did a fab job and I recommend you see this with your girlfriends lol. Take lots of tissue!

Director Alex Kurtzman and I

After the screening we got a chance to meet director and writer Alex Kurtzman who’s known for Transformers(2007)Star Trek(2009)Cowboys & Aliens(2011). I love films that are based on true stories and Alex told us that the film was loosely made about him because he found out that he had a sister. He talked of scenes in the movie, locations to shoot the film,working with the cast and landing Michelle Pfeiffer in his movie. He said it took a total of 7 years to make! Fun Fact: They looked at over 500 kids to play the role of Josh! This movie hits theaters June 29th! I give People Like Us an A+


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