Pinky review: Screen wipe by Aroma Home

Today I received the cutest product in the mail lol. It was screen wipes by Aroma Home. When I opened the package, I thought it was a cute stuffed animal to sit on my desk,then I looked closer and it read screen wipe. The way its packaged is so cute, I had no idea thats what it was lol.

I received the lil gorilla which my kids immediately thought was for them! I told them to get because I had to use it for a product review lol. It has a light lemon scent on the tummy of the stuff animal and you wipe your computer screen with it. Let me tell yah too, I was just trying to figure out how to clean my laptop screen because it has all sorts of finger prints on it. I didn’t know if I could use wipes on it or not. So I just never used anything but a paper towel. I know the apple store has wipes for my computer but who has time to drive to a store for wipes.

From Aroma Home:

“This fun screen wipe with a zest of lemon fragrance and a chamois tummy will clean and reduce static on all computer monitors, laptops and LCD screens. Easy to grasp, non scratching, no mess reusable again and again. Available in six fun animal designs this is an ideal fun gift for the person who has everything”.

So the Aroma Home Novely screen wipe comes in handy! When I used it, the screen looked picture perfect and clear. Thanks so much to Trent & Co for sending the screen wipe for me to try. Check out Aroma Homes website, they sell so much and have all sorts of fun things and relaxing home goods for all your needs. Check back next week too for a give a way with them!

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