Pinky Review: Shout Restaurant


Here To Serve Restaurant’s Shout, Midtown’s destination for sushi and rooftop dining, is offering the $10-Spot Lunch. A collaboration from chefs Eddie Otwell and Pov Lim. Combining the classic bento box with other options, the two have teamed to create the most appealing – and affordable – lunch in Midtown. I was able to check it out so come on inside!


“We want business people and lunch-time visitors to Midtown to have affordable, delicious options for lunch,” said Here To Serve CEO and founder Tom Catherall. “That’s why we’re offering a menu lunch-goers can enjoy at a great price, served within a time frame that suits their lunch-time needs.”


Guests can choose from one of the following, all for only $10:
Chef Eddie’s daily personal pizza, served with a choice of Caesar or garden greens salad
Chef Eddie’s daily lunch offering
Sushi Chef Pov’s “Bento Box Sushi Lunch,” which includes 12 pieces of sushi, a choice of traditional ginger or cucumber salad, and a choice of edamame or nori salad—all served bento box style.

My friend Julian and I had the Benton Box Sushi Lunch which was amazing and I hardly eat sushi! It was soo good and we left very full! I really enjoyed the feast and if you live here in Atlanta you have to go check it out and its a pretty cheap lunch that will leave you feeling very satisfied! I really enjoyed the experience and atmosphere of Shout and will be back with friends to try! xoxo




1197 Peachtree St NE

Atlanta, Ga 30361


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