Pinky Review: Spanx Booty Bra & On-The-Go Pant


I will be the first to say, that I’m always on the go lol. I can’t sit still for two minutes and my daughter Dootie has inherited that trait as well lol. My good friends over at Spanx sent me a few new items to try. This time around I received the new On-The-Go Pant and a Booty Bra.


I have worn both items around town and found them very comfortable. The Trust Your Thinkstincts Booty Bra (which has a very funny name to me) was quite uplifting to my butt area, although I still kinda like the way my butt looks lol.  The shapewear did uplift that area a bit, too funny to say! My butt looked a bit more “perkier” but no pictures of it here!  You know the stalkers, wink!

Then I have been running around town in the On-The-Go Pant. Love them and I live in pants like this when running errands or mall walking. They slim down your tummy area and fit great and long enough. I liked the flattering color and when I perspired the pants stayed dry, very key! I really do like the fact that it also has a pocket area on the side where I can put a credit card or key too, instead of carrying a fanny pack or purse. Check out both items located on the site now and thanks to Spanx for letting me check out a few new items they offer! The Booty Bra retails for $58, On-the-Go pant $98. xoxo


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