Porsha D.Stewart On ‘The Arsenio Hall’ Show


I think one of the reasons that I like and gravitate towards reality star Porsha D. Stewart is for one her style and secondly I know where she is coming from when people underestimate her. For years people would try to judge me because of the way I talked and having a high-pitch voice, so they assumed that I was not a good businesswomen but I proved them all wrong! 

On the Arsenio Hall show, Porsha, Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks made an appearance to talk about the show and their other business ventures. Arsenio Hall made a point to bring up how dingy people try to make her seem when they interview her and how she looks on the show. Porsha who’s freshly divorced responded that she is a very savvy business woman and that she “will sneak up on you” if you’re not careful. She has a very successful hair line and white teething company. I applaud her for being very open and honest and we have to remember that it’s not easy to put your self out there on national tv and let viewers see so much of your personal life. I know that I’ve been asked to do reality tv and I always turn it down because you just never know how you will be portrayed on tv. Great job Porsha keep up the good work, beauty and brains! xoxo



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