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Prayers for Kile Glover & Family!

July 9th, 2012

I didn’t know what to say when I read online that socialite and amazing mom Tameka Raymond son Kile Glover was severely injured in a jet-ski accident the other day. Those who know me well, know that I live down the street from Lake Lanier where the incident took place. It’s always something going on at that darn water park and I’m so sad to learn that her 11 year old son is not doing so well. Just last month two kids passed away at that very same lake.

About two years ago my family was up at Lake Lanier for some quality time. My kids took turns on a inner tube riding across Lake Lanier getting pulled by our friend, who owned a boat. We were having a good time until it was my husbands turn and he fell off the inner tube and into the water he went! You could hear my screams from miles away,as I looked in fear and as my heart dropped too! He had on a life jacket but still, it scared me to death!

For those of us who have kids, I personally wouldn’t be any good right about now! Can you imagine what this mom is going through at this time? There was also a young lady who was injured as well. I’m saying a prayer for all families and I’m hoping and wishing for a miracle! I have two kids and I travel a lot. From what I read online on numerous sites, Tameka was out of the country at the time of the incident! Could you imagine getting that kinda call and you’re out of the country,sweet Jesus!

I chatted with Tameka a few months back and her face lit up when she talked about having 5 kids and how they were her everything! This could have happened to any of us and for people to take to their social media networks and lash out to say mean things about the situation and her, I think you need some mental counseling and a bible! God please look over these families at this time of need! Kile we know you are a fighter! ┬áHere at Talking With Tami we care and we’re sending out numerous amounts of prayers to Kile and to the young lady injured as well. Stay strong Tameka Raymond & Ryan Glover(Kile’s dad). xoxo


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