Rapper Ludacris Fathers Another Child But NOT With Girlfriend Eudoxie!


Damn this news has to hurt Eudoxie who is rapper Ludacris long-term girlfriend. I normally don’t write about too much bad news because it honestly makes me really depressed but I’m blogging about it today because this happened to me in a previous relationship! 


According to TMZ who gets into EVERYONE’S business, they have court documents where Ludacris is asking for paternity because he knows he’s the daddy of Cai Bella Bridges who was born December 9th ouch! He wanted to get his child support business together before this random chic Tamika Fuller takes him to the cleaners. Lawd have mercy, did you see that the mom gave the baby his last name too? See jump offs know what they are doing! I feel bad for Eudoxie and this brings back so many memories when I was also in a long-term relationship with a guy and I found out about another woman. When I found out the girl was 9 months pregnant! I didn’t stick around though lol. She had the baby and named it after him too. I could have died and ain’t it funny how the long-term girlfriend never gets preggers but the jump-offs surprisingly do? Ain’t meant to be! I love Ludacris and Eudoxie together and have taken lots of pictures of them together over the years. I took these pictures about a month ago of them at the Giuseppe Zanotti store opening. Terrible news to find out during the holidays and Ludacris just gifted her with a huge diamond bracelet, maybe that was to soften the blow! This will be Ludacris’s second child, he has a daughter name Karma as well.



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