Reality Show: Little Women L.A.

Reality Show: Little Women L.A.

May 7th, 2014


Just when you think you saw it all! LOL! Lifetime’s new docu-series “Little Women: LA” (#LittleWomenLA) chronicles the adventures of a unique group of smart, sexy and funny girlfriends with big hearts, big personalities and even bigger drama…who all happen to be little people. Premiering Tuesday, May 27, at 10 pm PT/ET, “Little Women: LA” invites viewers to walk in their shoes as they deal with relationships, parenting, careers and especially, the ups and downs of friendships.


Each hour-long episode of Little Women: LA features longtime girlfriends Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity, Briana Manson and Traci Harrison. They laugh, cry, compete and fight with one another, but through it all they share a special unbreakable bond. And, while dealing with everyday challenges like the rest of the world, they prove that height is just a number. There’s nothing small about this loud and proud group who can teach us all a lesson or two about living life to the fullest. “Little Women: LA” is produced by Kinetic Content. Chris Coelen (“The Taste”), Karrie Wolfe (“Married at First Sight”), Katie Griffin (“You Deserve It”), Sara Mast (“Rodeo Girls”), Kathleen Burns (“Betty White’s Off Their Rockers”) and Terra Jole serve as executive producers, along with Lifetime’s Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahue and Mariana Flynn. Eight episodes have been ordered for this season.


  1. Donna says:

    Won’t be watching this,.. kinda have a phobia about little people. Sad, I know. but very true!

  2. Bobbie says:

    i’m NOT going to be able to see the little women with drama….nah, I can’t. And the one in the bikin w/ the wrap around….goodness.

  3. Trish says:

    I don’t know if “Little Women: LA” is the best name for this show. Maybe “Terra Can’t Stand Someone Else Getting Attention”.

    Terra turned the wine tasting into a scene that must have been awful to live thru, and was not fun to watch. Christy arrived totally happy with her ring (maybe not ideal to reveal it at someone else’s wedding-related-event, but the way wedding-related-events have expanded from a wedding, a shower and bachelor/bachelorette night to multi-week indenture for the bride’s friends & family, it’s not a huge faux pas). Immediately, Terra ripped into her about something Christy had said in a phone conversation about having had a beer- completely inappropriate. The tasting of wines for prissy Christian Traci’s wedding was completely derailed. Christy was in tears. Terra also expressed displeasure at Christy for supposedly lying about the beer (although originally, it was the fact of having had a beer – but how quickly Terra forgets) to her boyfriend and to the camera, then arranged to meet Christy to “apologize” but immediately lays into Christy for lying, again.

    If Terra has a problem with Christy, shouting at her at someone else’s party is – to use her term – Not Classy.

    At least Elena had a heart and was a good friend to Christy when she left the wine party in tears.

    Later, at Traci’s dress try-on, Terra is talking smack about Christy (in the format of saying she’s “over” the Christy thing). And who winds up hugging Traci in the gown she selected? Terra, the center of the universe.

    Hmm – couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Christy actually is engaged, while Terra is in a living together/on-&-off-again thing with Joe…?

    Besides Terra, Traci’s uptight, holier than thou Christian, schtick is really irritating.

    I don’t know if I will be watching any more of this show because Terra’s shouting and creating drama is not fun, it makes me feel like I’ve suffered an ordeal.

    After Elena’s medical appointment, it was Terra loudly steering the conversation.

    I do wish Elena the best – she would be a great mother to whatever kin of child she has. Her child won’t be treated like an invalid as Elena was. And her husband will be a great support, too.

    I hope everything works out for Christy.

    Oh, and for the record – I think Terra is full of it about what she says Christy said and is manufacturing drama because Terra likes the sound of her own voice – especially her own voice shouting.

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