Recap: Vanity Fair Lingerie #LiftTour


Vanity Fair lingerie made their way to Atlanta last week with the #LiftTOUR! It was so much fun to stop by and see all that they have as far as bras and different styles. As some of you may know, I have a friend who has terminal breast cancer and so I had to support this amazing cause! At the event my daughter and I were able to get a free bra fitting performed on the bus and also we donated brand new bras to Dress for Success to give other women a lift! It was such a great event and now they’re off to other cities but check the site to see if they’ll be zooming to your city where you can also get ¬†fitted for a bra and donate to the cause! Check out more pics after the break! ¬†xoxo




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Images provided by Griffin/Vanity Fair Lingerie

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