Reed Family Christmas pics 2008


The Reed Crew

I thought it would be funny to show you guys my Christmas card from last year. I find each card over the years hilarious because my family is so crazy. We don’t do anything normal around here and the whole Reed Crew is pretty creative.


The nice pic lol


Kids doing what they do best, smh!

We sit down and take a vote to see what we want to wear, and what we want to do. The kids had no choice, when they were younger but now everybody has a chance to voice their opinions. If it was left up to me we would be in tuxedos and party dresses every year and in pink ofcourse(clearing throat) lol.


Hubby happy to be anywhere lol

These pics were taken by celebrity photographer Derek Blanks and he is so sweet,love him to pieces and he really captures our personalities. These pics were taken last year around the holiday time. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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