Rihanna Snatches Fans Wig On Instagram!


Welp, next time you come for Rihanna, you better have a damn good response because she will snatch your wig! Come inside to find out what happened and my two cents on the issue! 

Singer Rihanna has over 10 million followers on Instagram and if you follow her or have watched her videos, she is not the one to be played with. Remember when she hit someone with a mic while performing in concert? Or how about her lashing out at fans that are disrespectful on social media, she is never one to hold her tongue. People and fans have to remember people are human beings too and they have feelings. You can not keep taunting them and do not expect them to lash out. You catch them on a bad day, you just never know what they will say. Thats what happen when Rihanna was opening some of her gifts from sponsors the other day. Lots of designers sent her a slew of holiday gifts and she tweeted a few pictures which I had no problem with and rightfully so because she wanted to show she was appreciative. Sometimes you’re damn if you do and damn if you don’t. But there is always going to be someone out there that hates on you and think you’re boasting but I think she wanted to show her gratitude and perhaps it was part of her initial deal to tweet/instagram the gifts, you never know.

Here is what the commenter said and Rihanna’s come back…


DEAD!!! I LOVE Rihanna, she told that commenter and I totally agree with her and hate me if you want to! People crack me up telling others what to do with their hard-earned money! Go sit down. She works hard and if she wants to take pictures of her goodies, let her and if these stans don’t like it too bad and unfollow her! Same with me, don’t visit my site or follow me if you can’t take it or like what I’m doing, I never understood that.

So many times people and fans do not see or hear about celebrities that give back, we only read about the bad news that everyone is more interested in! I know this for a fact because of my tracking and what’s popular posts. Chris Brown also gives back and when he does its crickets on my site but let him slap the chit outta somebody, its all over the blogs and its so NOT fair! I try to report the good in celebs giving back that goes unnoticed so many times. That’s why a lot of celebrities keep getting richer and richer because they give back in a huge way like Rihanna stated she did but we the people, just don’t see that.

Although, I might not have responded as Rihanna did, I do understand her. We work with a lot of brands and our job is to tweet, promote and review products and let readers and consumers know what’s hot etc. Its not like we are doing it to brag and boast, we are just doing our job and saying thanks sometimes or showing you what’s out there. What do you guys think of her response? xoxo


Anywhoo…here is a few pics she posted on instagram. I love that Fendi monogrammed purse!








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