Rockin’ New Hairdo & Color For Spring

Now that it’s getting warm outside, I decided to try something new and fun with less maintenance. I’m not shy to wearing weaves and extensions because as I age, my hair is getting thinner by the minute. My daughter suggested this cute wavy bob that she calls a quick weave. It simple is a stocking cap with hair added on top of it thats glued down. Actually while watching her, it’s a unique technique that really doesn’t require a lot of glue, its just used around the perimeter of the cap and a bit at the top.

My real hair is left out at the top and the rest was braided down. It took her about an hour from beginning to the end and I am very pleased with the outcome. Tyra dyed the bundles to add highlights and some pizazz and I was on my way out the door! She then crumpled the hair and next thing I know I was out the door lol! Tyra has this style down to a science and I like it and it’s very easy to maintain instead of getting up curling my hair everyday. I have a few tips inside to maintain this look, step inside!

  • I spray an oil sheen on my hair and message it in, to give it that extra shine.
  • When I’m not going anywhere, I wear a silk bonnet on my hair so that it doesn’t get tangled or frizzy.
  • I suggest that you wear this particular style for about 2 weeks tops, then take it out and reapply if you can. Let your scalp breathe.
  • Always use the best quality of hair, 100% human hair is ideal, so that there is no shedding.
  • Keep your real hair conditioned and trimmed. This is a great protective style that lasts a few weeks.

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