Rose Cleaning And Delivery Service LLC, We All Need This!

I have been knowing Ro Redwine for quite sometime now and it was such a delight to see that she has now become CEO of a business called, Rose Cleaning and Delivery Services LLC. I quickly reached out to her and asked her more about her company and what made her want to launch at this time and especially during Covid 19. There are lots of business that are leaping forward and doing the damn thing and that was very inspiring to me! Ro was so sweet to chat with me and to share why she started the business, services she offers, working and staying safe now and so much more! Check out what she had to say inside, congrats again to her!

Tell us about your company Rose Cleaning and Delivery Services LLC?

Rose cleaning and delivery is taking on the task of disinfecting and cleaning new homes for new homeowners and those who are moving into a new place. We provide deep cleaning so that the owners can move right in and now that the home is ready for them and has been thoroughly cleaned.

What made you want to launch a cleaning Biz during a pandemic?

Since covid there has been a great need to have deep cleaning to disinfect homes and businesses. I truly understand that we have to protect our selves and loved ones during this time. Since the housing market has been up there are a lot of new construction homes being built and the need to clean up after all the construction work has been done is in great demand so why not help and give new homeowners a clean and disinfected home to walk into?

How are you staying safe and using social distancing when you’re entering peoples home that you don’t know?

So I specialize in new homes and new apartments that have not been occupied as of yet. The exposure to others is very minimal. While cleaning we will use all the safety measures including mask and shoe covers while sanitizing and cleaning the premises.

What’s all the services that you offer clients? What’s next for the company, any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

At this time we will be offering sanitizing services to small businesses, new construction homes, and apartments to have them ready for tenants and homeowners to move in with no worries of having to clean.

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? I am looking to grow my company so that we are able to service all over the metro area . We will also eventually move into delivery services as well. My advice to any one wanting to start a business is to just do it and make sure it is something that you are passionate about. It doesn’t have to be perfect you just need to start!

Give me three of the most challenging things you had to go through when you decided to start your cleaning business?

One was deciding when is the right time to do it. I had to let go of the notion that everything has to be perfect and just get out there and start somewhere. Luckily I had the support of family and friends who encouraged me to just get out there and do it. I already had the knowledge of running a business I just needed to make myself get out of my comfort zone. Another was funds and worrying about leaving my 9-5. I definitely had some thoughts but I knew I was not happy working for someone else and as long as i was working for someone else I was going to be miserable.

So I decided that I needed to get away from what did not serve me and do what made me happy which would be running my own business. The last thing that was challenging was forcing myself to get out there and market my business. I had to get over the hurdle of being shy and get out of my own way to make things happen and learn how to market and be comfortable with who I am and what I represent which is a strong Black Woman ready to take on the world and show others that it can be done!

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