Roswell Ghost Tours

Exterior of Relish restaurant

Interior of Relish Restaurant

Patio area of Relish Restaurant

I was invited out last night to experience something that I don’t normally do lol. John invited me to come out to Roswell,Ga to dine at Relish restaurant and go on a ghost tour. The whole purpose of the event was to support local businesses and local restaurants. I do not remember reading all of the invite info, I just saw food and said, yes…I will attend lol. When I finally arrived, I met alot of people who were excited about going on the ghost tour. I said, “excuse me, what do you mean a ghost tour?” I missed that memo lol. I get alot of emails and I skim over things, I must admit that lol.

John Bickford greeting everyone

Ghost tour crew

Author Dianna Avena

A young lady by the name of Dianna Avena stood up and talked about her book and that they owned Roswell Ghost Tours. Dianna and her hubby Joe has also appeared on the sci-fi channel’s Ghost Hunters. I started making faces and looking around the room, and started to freak out lol! Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a scarey ass! I was starting to panic omg! Well after everyone ate dinner, we gathered in the park across the street to get ready to go on the ghost tour. It was getting dark fast!

Fab chicas I met

Ellora and Kathy Smart

Chi-Chi Okezie, Maryan, Sandy Gaston

I met some cool ladies and my girlfriend/blogger Maryan from Teacake Martini was there too! We had a ball chatting and networking. I was telling my new friend Chi Chi that I wanted to visit Paris, she then gave me a bag with the Eiffel tower on it, awh that was so thoughtful of her!

Getting ready to tour

Our handsome tour guide Jonathan

The tour guide Jonathan said the tour would take about 2 hours and the group started to walk to the first home. The first house was called, Bullock Hall. The big pillars scared me right off the back and I refused to look up in the windows. Jonathan said that there has been sightings of a lil boy playing along the fence and sounds of a flute playing. Also, that the rocking chairs on the porch would move back and forth by their self. Lawd, I was ready to go! What really creeped me out about this house was that a black slave girl died in the water well in the back of the house. They didn’t know if she was murdered or she fell in the well, but sometimes people could hear her as well.

Bullock Hall built in 1842

Water well where slave girl passed

As we walked to other houses and chatted, the lamps were flickering off and on and they weren’t sensored lights. Alot of people’s cameras wouldn’t work or the pictures wouldn’t take, when normally the cameras would work fine. One lady took a pic and it was a big white ball in the center of the picture. I was soo freaked out my hairs was standing up on my shoulders eeek!

Headstone I tripped over, sorry

We toured alot of homes and talked about who lived there in them during the 1800’s. Roswell,Ga  has alot of history. Roswell had alot of textile mills where alot of workers died. They also had slaves and would hang people from the trees. I was very uncomfortable and felt sad. We even saw the house that the hangman lived in. It was not pretty.

#6 oldest house in the country

We also toured a cemetery and I stumbled over a rock and later found it, that was someones tomb stone, just great! It  just looked like a small rock. Another thing, slaves weren’t allowed to be buried in the same cemetery as their masters….sad. Jonathan said in the 1980’s a real estate developer decided to build more houses and started construction over the graves… and they wonder why their houses are haunted, you think lol!

We also saw Jimmy Carters’s Aunt Sissy house. It was beautiful and still in good shape. I loved the huge porch. My camera would not work for some reason when I tried to take a picture. This house he frequented alot and was where he decided to run for governor. Emily Dolvin passed away last year.

I enjoyed myself somewhat, but if you don’t get creeped out, you should really go on one of Roswell’s ghost tours! Visit some of the local restaurants and have alot of fun learning some of the history in this area.I learned so much! Thanks to John for inviting me out!  It scared the pants off of me though. Enjoy the pics and happy thursday!

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