Roundtable Discussion With The Cast of ‘Black Nativity’


Hey guys as you know I was out in Los Angeles to pre-screen the new holiday film Black Nativity plus get a chance to chat with some of the cast of the movie. Come inside for more deets! 


First off the movie is very spiritual and just what you want to take your family to see that hits theaters Thanksgiving Day. I felt all warm and cozy after seeing the film and if you are a very spiritual person, then you will like it for sure. The roundtable discussion was held at the beautiful Wilshire Beverly Hills Hotel with cast members from the movie, Jacob Latimore, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Tyrese, Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker.

I must say that it was a very memorable experience and EVERYONE was very nice! Members of the media asked about the film and more but I will blog about what stood out to me while listening….

Tyrese Gibson walked into the room showing his pearly white and greeted everyone by singing “Y’all aint ready!” He was fun and brightened up the room. He talked about the film and how dads need to be around their son’s more. He also said this was the first time he did a film where he gets to sing. He said he couldn’t get the concept down at first, it was bit hard for him to act then break out in song lol.

Mary J. Blige was very excited about the film but said she was not that familiar with all of Langston Hughes stories and projects but was delighted to play an angel in the movie. Someone asked her about the white wig she wears in the movie, she laughed but said hey, Kasi(the director) wrote that part for me, I rolled with it lol.

Jacob Latimore was very nervous to play a lead role and really enjoyed singing. He said he wish he would have been a bit more hard in the movie after watching his self lol. He told me that singing was his first love but he really likes acting too.

Forest Whitake says the film is moving and he enjoyed working with Jacob. He was very appreciative that people also liked him in The Butler which may have an Oscar nod for him.

Angela Bassett enjoyed working on the movie and really felt like Jacob was very professional. She thought he was so much older because of how he carried his self on set. She has many projects in the works.

Jennifer Hudson had mad energy in the room, she looked absolutely lovely with the recent weight loss. She liked playing Jacob’s mom.

The upcoming holiday movie Black Nativity, starring Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Nas, Jacob Latimore, Tyrese, and produced by Bishop TD Jakes will hit theaters on Nov. 27th.







Photo by D. Blanks/My instgram

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