Season 3 of The Atlanta Housewives,my review

So season 3 started with The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The 2 newest housewives were revealed. Attorney Phaedra Parks and model Cynthia Bailey.The rest of the crew was there minus my friend Lisa.  I already like Phaedra because she says what’s on her mind and doesn’t hold back. I bet she will tangle with several of the housewives this season.

The only thing I do not like about the show is the fact that it looks very scripted. It’s like they are on a movie or soap opera set repeating lines and reading from Q cards. It doesn’t seem real, more rehearsed or forced. It may just be me but that’s my opinion. Maybe that’s why my friend opted out this season because she wasn’t down for the fakeness, hmm.

Kandi looked a lil thicker this season and some of the other wives got plastic surgery, new weaves,cars,new friends and more. It does look entertaining and I watched the show twice. I thought some of their lines were funny like when Phaedra said, “oh I know Kim she shops at the same places I do, It’s Gucci, not oochi”. They have some great tag lines and I almost fell out when Lawrence(Sheree’s stylist) said Dwight was a stunt queen, lmao!

I never heard of such, you always learn new terminology when watching the show. I do like Cynthia, she is a sweetie, been out to events several times with her. Overall the show was good but it didn’t kick off with a bang like last season 2 when Sheree said, “I wish you would, who gon check me boo!” That was classic and will forever be remembered…pow! Till next time!

pics by Bravo

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