Sergio Hudson Is Killing The Competition On ‘Styled To Rock’


I’m so excited for friend to the site Sergio Hudson! He has been slaying it on Bravo’s Styled To Rock but unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with the show because my Fridays are always busy and it’s hard for me to watch! I have been keeping up with Sergio on his instagram and he has won a few challenges I see! Come inside to check him out! 


One of the challenges was to design a “club look” using leather, gold, and silk for Miley Cyrus. Sergio made a panted leather mini skirt and white silk blouse with lots of detail, great for the club right? Miley picked it as her winning look and wanted to wear it immediately, I guess she really loved it!  Yay!



Another challenge was to design a red carpet look with a “punk twist” for Kelly Osbourne. This yellow capelet and pencil skirt designed by Sergio Hudson won! He is so talented I tell yah! Check him out tonight on Styled to Rock on Bravo at 8pm sharp! I’m so happy for him! xoxo



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