Sneak Peek: SWV’S LeLee Lyon Get’s Brazilian Butt Lift!


I give it up to singer and now reality star LeLee Lyons of the hit group SWV! She went on their new reality show, SWV Reunited showing herself getting a Brazilian butt lift with no shame. I thought I was an open book but she definitely got me beat! 


I just don’t know if I could have plastic surgery, especially in that area for the whole wide world to see lol. In the clip below and that will probably air tonight, LeLee goes to see a doctor here in Atlanta called, Dr. J.Curves and yes that’s his real name here in these parts! On the show, she pulls her shirt up and exposes her pooch, stretch marks, thighs and butt!

I remember meeting the girls back in the summer at a coffee shop here in Atlanta and We tv cameras were rolling. LeLee showed up with a pillow saying, “girl I just had my butt done this is for me to sit on”. I really respected her honesty but was in shock that she would tell me a “blogger” she had plastic surgery lol. We also find out that on the show that Coco also had surgery as well at the same time but by a different doctor. The reasoning behind all of this? They said people were calling them all fat and they wanted to try to keep up with the youngens. I think the girls are about 5 years younger than me but ain’t no way I would be pressured into having surgery just to appease people that I don’t know! Smh! If I had the extra cash though, I would do my thighs and pooch but I’m to chicken and hate needles. I’ve been in a room with a friend who got smart lipo, I just don’t know, it’s not for the weak. Plastic surgeons have reached out to me over the years to have some work done “pro bono” but i’m just too chicken. LeLee, Coco and all the others that do get it, more power to you. What do you guys think? Check out the clip below!  SWV Reunited airs on We Tv Thursdays at 10pm est.


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