Sneak Peek: Tv One’s ‘Hollywood Divas’


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Yesterday afternoon I got a chance to catch up with my buddy Lisa Wu who a lot of you guys know. She’s finally back after filming for a few months in Los Angeles an I was so happy to her! You guys remember that Lisa made headlines when she appeared on the hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta and as everyones “favorite” housewife. After taking a much needed break after that show, she is back and starring in a new reality series on Tv One called, Hollywood Divas. This show has an interesting cast I will say and it includes Elise Neal (The Hughleys), Golden Brooks (Girlfriends), Paula Jai Parker (Hustle and Flow), Countess Vaughn (The Parkers) and Lisa Wu. 


Tiffany Williams, Me and Lisa Wu yesterday at Labor Day Cookout


The show is set to air October 4th and Lisa gave me a few tidbits about it. It shadows these actresses everyday lives and gives us a peek into how these ladies live, work and play. It also has a spin to it because the ladies have to come together and produce a new project when they find out who has more experience in the world of entertainment and more. I do not get Tv One out here in the boonies but I’m going to have to Hulu this to watch! It sounds very interesting and before Lisa did reality tv, she was indeed an actress and produced several films. It will be great to see her back on tv and she said we are in for a treat and there is A LOT of strong personalities on the show! Some do clash she said, but we will have to watch. Check out a sneak peek video of the intro released below. xoxo

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