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Sneak Preview of “Good Hair”

September 25th, 2009


Last night I got  a sneak peek of the best documentary I’ve seen in a long time! Chris Rock has a new movie coming out called, “Good Hair“. Those two words I’ve heard through out my life. I have a sister that is a few years older than me and she has what I think is the prettiest baby fine hair. When I was younger I would ask my mom, “why didnt I get my sisters Good Hair” lol. We still laugh about that today but back in the day it was a serious matter lol. I later started hearing it myself from various hair stylists. They would tell me how I could go about 8 weeks without getting a touch up(relaxer). In my hey day my hair was thick and long. Over the years of relaxers, it has thinned out my hair tremendously.Even till this day, people come up to me or email me and ask where I get my hair done, or who does my weave? lol. I dont have a weave I tell them but refer them to my stylist Margot here in Atlanta and I haven’t had a relaxer in 4 yrs! Woot!


At Atlantic Station Regal Cinemas for Good Hair movie premiere

In Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair it was very eye opening and shocking. You laugh but yet he is educating you on the history of our hair. He talks about why its so important for black women and men to get our hair done, why we will go broke getting our hair done,why men cant touch our hair after we get it done,why we dont swim, the whole Sha Bang! He broke it down, so if you didnt know, now you do!  He interviews various notable celebrities giving their opinions and stories about their hair drama which is funny to hear. He even talks to Dr. Maya Angelou,Ice T and Al Sharpton. As he sits and chats with these people, the stories they tell are hilarious lol.


Media Moguls what!

Whats not so funny is that fact that the black hair industry is a “billion dollar” business and we are not tapped into it. Asians,Indians,Koreans are making a killing but we are not making a dime from it! That is sad. The other countries that manufacturer the african american products will not sell to us. Chris Rock digs deep by flying out to India to see where the silky indian hair comes from.Then when he gets back to the states he talks to hair store owners who are not black and ask them why they sell our products. It was pretty moving to watch and people in the audience got quiet and just shook their heads. It was really eye opening to see how we spend all this money on our hair, but have little in return. Very genius of him!


Actor Lance Gross and I

Also in the movie you will see a hair battle from the Bronner Bros hair show,Chris traveling to North Carolina to talk to Dudley(one out 4 black owned hair companies). You will see Chris interviewing in beauty and barber shops talking to customers, which is a hoot. You will see Atlanta’s own Derek J(hairstylist) in the movie. There are some great surprises along the way. It’s edutainment at its finest! lol.



Here in Atlanta where the movie premiere was,alot of people came out! I ran into Keshia Pulliam,Allen Payne,Lance Gross,and  some of the stylist in the movie. Even Chris Rock and Nia Long came out before the show started to say a few words. Nia Long looked amazing!

I swear he did a great job with this movie! I do recommend you go out to see this! Please take your daughters,grandmas,cousins,Pookie and them and whoever else you can drag to the movie on Oct 9th. We can atleast support a black man that has made a great movie for us and put that money back into our own community geesh!

ATL ONLY: Leave me a funny comment below about your hair stories to win  a pair of tickets!


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