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So Is Monyetta Shaw(Ne-Yo’s Baby’s Mother) Expecting AGAIN?

August 12th, 2011

Hmmm? I might be old but I ain’t no fool!  I got two big head kids of my own, so I know what a pregnant woman looks like! Chile, I was at the Sister 2 Sister Ladies Night and I was flying around that place with my head cut off. I was walking by checking out all the vendors when I spotted my girl Monyetta Shaw. She had a nice booth of clothing and accessories that made me stop and look.

I saw Monyetta sitting behind the table smiling and I said, “Well, hello there!” A few months back It was rumored that she was expecting again. She had a sip n see at her boutique Emerlyn & Ester, I asked her was she having a new bundle of joy and she said no. Well last night it looked like she was all of 5-6 months preggers! I asked her for a hug and then looked her in her just as “full face,stomach and boobs” and said, “Let me know when you have your baby shower”. She laughed and smiled at me and said, “What baby and looked off and up?”. Monyetta you need to cut-it-out because I got some big boobies too and chile those puppies were sitting up bigger than mine! I know Ne-Yo is a happy man right about now! She waddled from behind the table and took a few pics with me.She tried hard to hide her stomach with her fabulous Birken bag but it was not working! She is a sweetie and I can’t wait to know what the expecting couple will have next! Wait! I’m just assuming it’s Ne-Yo’s baby, Im not sure. I am just hoping it is. Congrats to the couple if she is having another baby! Does she look preggers to you? xoxo



  1. It’s kind of hard to tell with the floral shirt. maybe that’s why she wore it. To keep it to herself for just a little longer. Congrats to them both of they are. She’s a pretty girl.

  2. Yakini says:

    She is cute! I love that his baby’s mother (and girlfriend/fiance?) is a pretty, regular looking sista. Congrats to them if they are!!!!!
    (lol @ your detective skills)

  3. Kaneal says:

    She’s definitely preggers…I spotted her pregger belly at S2S as soon as she walked in the door…I thought she was adorable…I didn’t recognize it was Monyetta though…but I thought she was a pretty preggers and that’s the first thing I noticed…so yep Tami, you hit the nail on the head

  4. M Denise says:

    …she does look like she has on maternity pants. You can see her bra…skin…and then dark fabric over her stomach. Looks preggers to me! Why lie??!! We’ll find out soon enough *shrug*

  5. Mona L says:

    So no one noticed that Toya was VERY pregnant last night as well!

  6. Daisy says:

    @Mona if Memphiz were my hubby I would STAY prg that man is FINE!!!!!!

    I do not like Berkin (sp) bags they are so old ladyish to me *shrug*

    CONGRATS Monyette

  7. princess says:

    @daisy i so agree with u on that one about memphitz, am so happy for him and toya…..toya deserves happiness, as for monyetta she looks it to me

  8. Def is pregnant. I know someone that should be planning her baby shower.

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