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Soul Train Awards Red Carpet Arrivals 2011: Pinktastic, Straddlin The Fence, Chile Bye!

November 18th, 2011

Shaunie O'Neal gets my best dressed! Pretty!

I’m still trying to thaw out my hands and feet from the frigid temperatures last night on the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards. Held at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Peachtree Road was completely shut down and there was pandemonium everywhere! Even though I was cold as heck, I had a great time. You will only see me in one picture standing on the red carpet because all the media was bundled up together with coats, sweaters, hats, ski outfits, scarfs, triple fat goose coats, Eskimo boots, Uggs and more trying to stay warm! I didn’t even bother trying to look cute anymore, I was over it! On the red carpet the celebrities braved the cold air and walked and posed for pictures but quickly grabbed their coats and shawls right afterward because it was literally freezing. Who would have believed that the day before the temperature was in the 70s!

My top pick female on the red carpet went to Shaunie O’Neal, even though I give her and that hot mess of a show the side eye. She told me the dress designer’s name but it was some random person out of Los Angeles, so I couldn’t remember it. I thought she looked great. Her makeup was on point done by LaTasha Wright and I loved her hair by Nataki Minix and matching silver peep-toe shoes. I should have asked her if she was wearing the shoes from the Chinese Laundry collection she partnered with, because chile that line is fugly! Close second I would have to say went to reality star Tamar Braxton. Her soft pink corset dress with black fringe was fabulous. Julian Lark styled her, and she looked amazing. She brought Hollywood glam to the red carpet. As for the men,  I thought TV personality A.J. Calloway and singer Lloyd looked very dapper. It was good to see so many men dress up for the occasion. Let’s see who looked pinktastic,  who straddled the fence and who gets a “chile, bye!”

Sidenote: Please know this is for entertainment purposes, so don’t be emailing me getting all bent out of shape! I ain’t that best dresser either but I don’t have the money you guys have,cause honey chile if I did, ha! Do you have a fav or who’s your worst pic? xoxo


I loved her Hollywood Glamour look,is Tamar Braxton channeling LaToya Jackson

Amber Rose in Givenchy. I guess she is going for the secretary look, nice!

Claudia Jordan in simple black dress,pretty.

Lloyd cleans up well, dapper!

Apollo & Phaedra Parks lovely couple!

A.J. Callowway, on the carpet I kept calling out his name, hey A.J. he blushed #fail

Damn Lance! lol

Kel told me he just got engaged

Malcolm with yo fine self! lol

Kenny Lattimore looks very distinguished

 Straddlin The Fence!

I've seen Cynthia Bailey dress waaay better! She paired this with black tights and Loubis

Jasmine Guy,I don't know, moving on

Demetria McKinney hmm?

Robin Thicke, I want to say yes, but my body is telling me no lol

Blogger Necole Bitchie, not loving the dress but the Guiseppe heel less shoes were fiya!

Mindless Behavior gets a pass they kids, #sipstea

Chile Bye!

Marsha Ambrosius #ummsit

Somebody come get Miguel!

Eric Benet how old are you now? #fail

Keri Hilson Looka here, looka here a hot a** mess!

Tami Roman,hmm where do I start?

Algebra....imma need you to fire that stylist!

Treach I cant!

Mary Mary really?

Honorable mentions since I dont know them and they wanted to be photographed:

Lloyd's date (coughing)

This is a real pimp from Vegas,The Black Heff,okay I'm done!

If you like it, I love it!


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