Spotted: Gladys Knight In Ronen Chen


While Glady’s Knight held her meet & greet for her new grand opening of another chicken & waffle restaurant, I was admiring her pretty dress! After her speech, I asked her who made the fabulous dress she was wearing, I loved it! 

Glady’s said, “Tami chile, I don’t know peek in the back and look at the label, my hubby usually buys my clothing, I have no clue” lol. That’s when I found it, it was by Israel’s leading designer Ronen Chen. This particular dress was from the Winter 2012 collection and it fit her so nicely! Gladys told me that she lost a lot of weight after doing Dancing with the Stars!  She said they would practice 8hrs a day, 6 days a week and it was rigorous! I believe her too! I told her they just announced the new cast for this season and she said, “oh wow. I invited some of them to my party tomorrow, for my grand opening but I’m sure they are busy with the show now” lol. I love Gladys, she reminds me of that cool auntie in your family! xoxo




Check out the fashion clip of this designer from his Fall 2012 Collection


Pics by Robin Lori

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