Spotted: Jay Z In Maison Kitsuné


Celebrity couple Jay Z and Beyonce have really been making their way around the world! They are over across the pond in East London and Jay Z was spotted out and about with his lovely wife Beyonce! 

I never really write about too much menswear fashions because I really don’t have an interest in their boring style or fashions but today I was I am in a good mood lol. Jay threw on a “music fashion” hoodie designed by Maison Kitsuné with a pair of fresh jeans and black Timberland boots. The hoodie retails for $299! My son loves hoodies too but their is no way on this green earth I would pay that much for a grey hoodie, ok bye! Enjoy your Thursday! xoxo

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z


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One thought on “Spotted: Jay Z In Maison Kitsuné

  1. Before I even read the write up I was interested in his sweat shirt. Yikes at that price. Do you know what I would do with $300. Clothes yes, but definitely more than 1 item. Yikes

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