Styling Sunday: Talking With Tami In Igigi Zebra Print Wrap Dress


I thought my recent trip would make for a fun Styling Sunday! The nightlife in Jamaica was unbelievable! With the ocean as your backdrop and the warm weather, it’s the perfect place to go to party! I did just that as we made our way to a VERY exclusive club in Ocha Rios! It’s an upscale club that is invite only, so there is no lines and you have to know someone to get in. Once inside, it’s a full-on party, with strobe lights, fun photo booths, three bar areas, pools, free drinks coming faster than I could sip on, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres being passed every second by pretty models, yes it was the place to be! ¬†Funny thing, I still have not figured out what the name of it was! There was NO signage outside of it and when we pulled up in our tour bus, we all had to have i.d. to show to the guards. Yes security was tight!

After the check point, we still had to drive a few feet more through a winding road to get there that was tucked very far away! I found out later that it was owned by a wealthy residence of Jamaica, that’s why it was so exclusive! It’s well hidden away from everyone almost like a secret society for the very wealthy! I felt honored to be amongst these people, very posh indeed.¬†


The dj was really good and I danced so much and my feet never got tired. I wore this fancy Yasmine cheetah print dress from Igigi that is still available on the site! Very cute for the occasion and everyone loved it! I paired my look with strappy sandals and red ruby woo lipstick from M.A.C and wore a top knot. That kept me pretty cool. Although it was hot, the dress was perfect for dancing and mingling with the other party goers on the island. The Yasmine dress retails for $178.00 xoxo



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Images provided by Michael Saab

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