Spotted: Talking With Tami In Chic & Curvy Wrap Dress


So in Jamaica it was super HOTT and I sweated my hair out as soon as I landed, it was no joke but I like it hot it doesn’t bother me, my hair not so much lol. In Jamaica I wanted some Scotchies really bad which was right down the street from my hotel, so I asked a friend to take me there for some food. I wore this fun wrap dress while running around. 

I just visited Chic & Curvy’s site and this dress seems to be sold out, it was very popular but you can visit the site to see more designs and styles. I loved the colors and it was a big hit over in Jamaica where the men like to call you ‘fluffy” meaning thick lol. I was cracking up! If your brown and curvy head over to Jamaica, the men will love yah to death! LOL!




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