Stinky Kids hits stores!


Hey you guys wanted to share some Pinktastic news with you! One of my fellow Ladies Who Launch buddies, Britt Menzies has landed her Stinky Kids Plush Dolls in Nordstroms and Fao Schwartz! I am so proud of Britt because she has worked hard to get her product out there! I remember several years back, conducting an interview with her and I just fell in love with her family! Her daughter Emma, was the one who inspired Britt to draw a picture for her school project, and wow it took off from there!


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I love to see great women launch great businesses and Britt is such an inspiration to me and others out there. She started her business at home and her office also was in her bedroom! She has a great husband who supports her as well and you cant ask for anything more than that. Shouts out to The Menzie family.

If you can please check out her plush dolls that are located on line at Nordstroms and in Fao Schwartz in NYC! These lil stinkers would be great for your little ones! They retail for 16.95

Check back next month, I will be giving away one of these stinky kid dolls!  Check out the video we did together!

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