Straight From The Root Organic Vegetables

My son asked me to make pork chops a few weeks back and I was happy to make them since its been a very long time I’ve actually cooked them. In my diet now, I hardly ever eat pork but once in a blue moon, I will have a taste for it. I recently got some organic veggies delivered to my door by the name of Straight From The Root. They have organic vegetables that you can pop in the microwave and serve in minutes. With my busy schedule, I was happy to try them out because I am always on the go. I first seasoned then marinated the chops, then baked them in the oven. Then heated the organic baby potatoes in the microwave and dinner was served! More info inside….

I used the Organic Baby Potatoes, fully cooked in minutes!

Straight From The Root is bringing the French style of sous vide cooking to your kitchen with USDA organic, fully cooked, cut vegetables.  This line of vegetables and veggie noodles will be available in all Publix stores beginning in February!

All of Straight From The Roots’ vegetables and veggie noodles are 100% organic, preservative-free and non-GMO. They come in the same BPA-free bag that they were cooked in, which traps all of the vegetables’ vitamins and minerals and cuts down on unnecessary waste. Just open the bag and enjoy!

Available cut vegetables include Baby Carrots, Butternut Squash, Honey Gold Potatoes, Red Beets and Sweet Potatoes. The brand-new, Publix-exclusive Organic Veggie Noodles coming in three varieties, Zucchini, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Noodles.

This is sponsored post the views and opinions are my own.

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