Sweet Auburn Bistro

I was invited out to review Sweet Auburn Bistro. I remember getting lost downtown and passed by this restaurant and I was thinking wow I would love to go in there one day. Well my marketing friend Tara Holland(Word of Mouth Atl) asked me if I had ever been there. I was telling her that I had just got lost in that area and would love to visit that place! I thought it was funny  she brought it up lol. We set up a meeting and I finally got a chance to visit it!

Tara Holland and I

Jayda Boo and I

Jayda Boo,GM Aaron Buggs and I

I love where it’s snuggled in the historic part of Atlanta. Right down the road is the Martin Luther King center and alot of other historical places. I love the name of the bistro too, Sweet Auburn. You get the sense that your in Harlem back in the 50’s. I also liked the cool art work on the walls by Corey Whitehead, and the jazz music that was playing.

I invited my other foodie friend Ms.Jayda Boo to tag along because she loves all things yummy like muah. I was very confused in what to order because the waitresses kept bringing out all this food that looked so scrumptious! We started out with some Sweet Auburn Chips that taste soo good! I finally focused and ordered the Barbecue Salmon Sandwich.

Sweet Auburn Chips

Tara’s fried chicken yum!

Jayda ordered the Blackened Salmon with greens that was topped off with a hot water cornbread and Tara got the Vine City Fried Chicken with spinach and mac n cheese. We all sampled each others food and I must say I fell in love with the bow tie mac n cheese! I have never eaten bow tie pasta but it was really, really good! My salmon sandwich was tasty and we were all pleased. The girls and I also shared a South Georgia Strawberry Shortcake that was simply divine! The prices aren’t bad either.

My Salmon Sandwich

South Georgia Strawberry Shortcake

I talked to General Manager Aaron Buggs that said that he loved working at the restaurant. He said that,” there is all walks of life that come through Sweet Auburn Bistro and it’s a very diverse crowd”. They will be celebrating there one year anniversary on March 25th. Congrats to them!

Artist Corey Whitehead

Corey’s artwork in Sweet Auburn

I would like to thank Tara Holland for inviting me out to try this cool spot ,it was really great! If your in the area, or want a great lunch or dinner spot to visit, please stop by Sweet Auburn Bistro, you will enjoy it. They also have a great conference area,and a sweet thursday with happy hour. Shout out to the publicist for the bistro Nicole Carter you were too cute,too I had such a wonderful conversation with you!


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