My Style: Burberry Jacket & Snow Beanie

A few days ago I headed to STK restaurant for a meet and greet and private dinner for NBC’s This Is Us new season. It was a nice day out so I just picked out this look to wear. One thing about Atlanta, you NEVER know what the weather will bring. One minute its really […]

My Style: Cozy Sweater & Ugg Boots

Last week, I ventured off to Cracker Barrel for a holiday shopping spree and I had a blast! I was not expecting to do a fashion post because I literally just threw on a hat and scarf set, sweater and jeans and had my daughter Dootie put a lil makeup on me and I was […]

My Style: Scarves For Fall

This morning I got up and dropped my son off to the bus stop because yes it was just that cold outside brrr! I think I read its 28 degrees right now, yikes! I’m so glad that I have a couple of winter coats on hand to bundle up in lol. While out in Los […]

My Style: Block Ruana Poncho

Happy Monday everyone! I know you guys are probably preparing for theThanksgiving holiday. I’m a bit bummed out because the hubby won’t make it here this week because of how it fell this time around. Plus he is working overtime. I might fly out to see him next week though but it’s so COLD in […]

My Style: Fall Over The Knee Daisy Boots

It’s getting pretty chilly outdoors, my gosh but that shouldn’t stop anyone from voting today! I pulled out this moto jacket, pants and over-the-knee boots to head to the polls to place my ballot. It’s been crazing during this election year but God has the bigger plan, that’s what I say lol. Happy voting today […]

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