House Of Chapple Rosebud, Jessica, Kara Dresses

Hey guys! A few weeks ago, my friend and fashion designer Reco Chappled asked me to model some of his latest dresses from his upcoming collection, I’m always up for modeling fabulous clothes, so I happily accepted. I enjoyed modeling this two-toned rosebud bodycon dress by House of Chapple and the other dresses! If you […]

My All-Time Favorite Looks Of 2015!

Hello my fellow fashionistas out there! I wanted to take the time out of my busy schedule to acknowledge ALL of my sponsors who dressed me in 2015! Without you, I would have been naked on my numerous amounts of press trips, red carpets and events that I covered throughout the year lol. I love […]

Pinktastic Saturday: Dootie Goes To Prom!

Boy what a day! My daughter Dootie has worn me out and for those of you that have more than one daughter, I give it up to you! LOL! It all started at 6am when Dootie came in my room smiling ear to ear saying, “mom  its my prom today and it looks like its […]

Prom Then & Now

My prom 1986! I was trying very hard to find my actual Prom photos(update found one my Facebook friend and high school classmate sent me) but no luck. I can not tell you where they are! I think my mom has my pictures somewhere but ofcourse we are in two different states lol.  After what […]