Talking With Tami Becomes ‘Style Collective’ Member For Maggy London

Maggy London Spring 2016

Great news guys! I am so excited to announce that I will be a member of the Maggy London “Style Collective” team! What does that mean? It means that you will see me wear many of their latest collections to events and doing other promotions for them as well. I will also post to my social media outlets what’s new and much more. I really love the brand and I have worn their pretty dresses over the years and as recent as in December on a press trip with Disney! It’s funny too because I just finished doing my vision board last night and one of the things that I wrote on my board was to work with more fashion brands and then I get a phone call this morning, so cool!

God is good and I am too tickled about this collaboration! Maggy London was so kind to send me over a few images from the latest lookbook from their Spring 2016 collection, you should take a peek inside. I have the mint “illusion dress” shipping to me soon for an upcoming event, so pretty and sophisticated.

Maggy London Spring 2016

I LOVE Maggy London dresses because you can wear them to church, afternoon tea, baby shower, bridal shower, a luncheon, red carpet affair and more. I am most excited about this collaboration too is because the dresses fit my body type just right each and every time. I know as long as it’s my correct size, it will fit me perfectly. Visit the site to see all they have and again, thanks Maggy London for the opportunity! xoxo

Maggy London Spring 2016Maggy London Spring 2016

Maggy London Spring 2016

Images via Maggy London


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3 thoughts on “Talking With Tami Becomes ‘Style Collective’ Member For Maggy London

  1. Congratulations! I too love Maggy London’s dresses and agree that you CAN wear them anywhere. Look forward to you sharing the looks.

  2. Congratulations!

    I am not familiar with their product. I like some of the looks you shared and definitely look forward to see more of their collection.

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