Tamar Announces On ‘The Real’ She’s Changing Her Name Plus It’s Bring Your Hubby To Work Day!


I had no idea that Jeannie Mai was married from ‘The Real’ but anywhoo the ladies talk about changing their last names and Tamar makes an announcement that her new name will be Hebert very soon! Plus it’s ‘Bring your Hubby to Work Day’, check out their mates on set! More pics and video after the break! 


The ladies of “The Real” discuss changing their last names after getting married and Tamar Braxton reveals she’ll soon be known as Tamar Herbert. Plus, it’s “Bring Your Husband To Work Day” on “The Real” and Vince Herbert, Adam Housley and Freddy Harteis do hilarious impressions of their wives Tamar, Tamera and Jeannie!

This will air tomorrow Aug 6th check your local listings!


The Ladies on Changing Their Last Names

Tamar:  The other night we were at dinner right. The waiter was like Mrs. Herbert. And I’m like (Tamar looks around confused)… OK? Because I’ve been Tamar Braxton all of my life. So it was kind of weird. I just kind of changed my last name.

Loni: …Let me tell you something . The money that your husband got and as nice as your husband is. I would be Mrs. Vincent Walker Herbert. I would just drop the Tamar Braxton….I’m Mrs. Vincent Walker Herbert, thank you.

Tamar: …I actually enjoy having my own identity.

Loni: You still got your own identity, but I’d be Mrs. Vincent Walker Herbert the Third

Adrienne: What if you just like their last name better than yours?

Tamera: See, I’m in the process of changing my last name

Tamar: You are?

Tamera: Yes

Adrienne: No more dash.

Tamar: So you’re all a little ghetto. Because your baby daddy has the same last name as your son. I didn’t want to do that. That’s why I changed my name on my license. So me and Logan and Vincent can have the same last name.

Tamera: When I saw Aden’s birth certificate it said Aden Housley and I liked the way it sounds. It sounds British!

Loni: Everyone knows you as Tia and Tamera, so that’s always going to be your name…

Taking your hubby’s last name clip

The Hosts Hubby’s Imitate their wives


Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros


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