Test driving the V6 Camaro

Well as you guys know I’m down here in Savannah,Ga on Tybee Island. While I was down here on a mini vacay, I decided to reach out to some friends of mine at General Motors to see if I could test drive a car. They were happy to help me out and I am so glad they did! They delivered a Camaro v6 to my door and it was bright yellow! My son instantly thought of Transformers the movie lol.

We left this morning to head down and our road trip was suppose to take about 4 hours here or there. I’m the type of person that when I drive, I don’t stop lol. When I need fuel, is the only time I pull over and while getting gas, you better get snacks,use the restroom or whatever else you have to do. While driving on the road, the car got plenty of stares because of it’s flyness and color!

It was raining out when I left and my hubby was concerned about the tires. I thought that the tires did well in the rain and not one time did I ever loose control of the vehicle. I drive a Mercedes and I noticed a huge difference in the two cars right away. By the car sitting lower, I thought I was going to have a problem with seeing in the rear view and side mirrors but it never bothered me one time. I also liked the fact that i’ts equipped with OnStar and road side assistance. That made me feel very safe. I like to drive with no air on at all and my kids like it cold or some sort of air moving. They were able to control the temperatures on their sides, they liked that.

I also liked how we were snuggled tight in the seats because of the aerodynamic shape of the car. I really felt like I was about to race people on the freeway lol. I felt so hott in the car too until one of my kids yelled out,”Mom it’s hot in here, roll down the window”,epic fail! lol. It really is a single person kinda car lol. In my hey day before kids, I would have been hot stuff in that car!

I liked the space in the trunk too because we had alot of things to bring down for our trip. My daughter was in the back seat and she fit just fine.She said it was plenty of leg room for her. We listened to the satellite radio and we jammed all the way down the road. My kids really liked the car and so did I!  I give the 2010 Camaro a thumbs up and maybe one day when the kids are all grown up, I too will try to get me one of these sports cars,too fun! Woot!

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