That Jealous Spirit

“Sometimes people allow their emotions to cause them to act out of hostility and bitterness. An envious person suffers far more than the one he is targeting….

The Lord already knows our thoughts and the intents of our hearts. May we all realize that feeling envious is the same as objecting to God’s blessing on someone else’s life. God tells us that we should love our neighbor as ourself.  We are to prefer our brothers and sisters and to wish them well in all things.  We should pray for God to bless them abundantly, not be envious of what God does for someone else!  Regardless of how people try to rationalize those feelings, they are in conflict with the Lord. A person cannot have a jealous spirit and be right with the Lord at the same time.”

I’m noticing over and over again a slew of women out here with horrible jealous spirits. Envy and Jealousy is no laughing matter and has resulted in people doing some crazy and horrible things to each other.

I’ve seen women go into bankruptcy trying to keep up with the next chic,really? I wouldn’t give a damn if you were driving the most expensive car made, rocking the hottest purse or prancing around in the priciest stiletto designer shoes. Who knows what you had to do to get those type of things anyway, and most are still miserable after buying all that crap.You gotta pay that bill not me! I have had those things too and learned early on that, that does not define me. Don’t get me wrong, I love nice sparkly things too but when you have a family,those things go by the wayside real fast. I will take my loving family over the latest shoes or purse any day of the week!

I have never had a jealous bone in my body.I may jokingly say, awh I’m jealous but in the back of my mind, I’m thinking what is for you, is for you and what is for me is for me. I’m very happy for others accomplishments. I have always been the biggest cheerleader for other women, sometimes I don’t get that in return but thats ok, I’m a big girl, that wears big panties, I can take it lol.

We as women, and especially us black women need to learn how to deal with that jealous spirit, It’s not becoming and I know so many people who suffer from this.If you can’t figure it out there is counseling out there too. I have soo many stories of women who have said some hurtful things to me while out and about. Things like, “Oh I’m going to start a blog too and it’s going to be better than yours” I always blank stare them and I look around today, and I see their work nowhere in sight lol. Chile please!

If you are that kind of a person that wants to be in competition with me, or can’t be happy for my blessings, please stay clear of me. As a child of God though I will say a prayer for you (at a distance) and kill you with kindness if I see you out lol. That is all!

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