The Atlanta Shoe Market

Me,Tyra and Terri

Over the weekend I went to some great events, and I must say one that really stood out was the Atlanta Shoe Market! Yes you heard me right,there was a shoe show here and I was having a hissy trying to get there on time lol. My friend Terri Andrews who owns Heelskinz that you may see on my site, told me all about it.

When we got there, there were rows and rows of shoe vendors with all sorts of heels,flats,funky and fun shoes. I got to meet some of the owners of the different shoe brands and it was so fun to see what’s coming out on the market.My daughter is obsessed with shoes too, so she was so happy to tag along lol.

Wedge Welly

Reebok newest tennis shoes

Some of the companies I got to see and chat with were Alegria,Wedge Welly,Poetic Licence,Converse,Reebok,Amore dei Cani,Irregular Choices and soo many more! We had a great time and I placed an order with alot of the shoe companies. Cant wait to get my shipments. Enjoy the pics and Happy Monday to you! Please also view the video that my daughter Tyra shot,great job dootie! Woot!

Daughter swooning over Poetic Licence shoes lol

Velvet Lounge

Irregular Choice

Amore dei cani

Converse newest line

Allegria Divas and I

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