The Lil Black Slip


Tell me ladies, when was the last time you slipped on a lil black slip? Some of you youngsters out there may not know what I’m talking about if your 21 and younger but yes, we ol-school gals use to wear these and would hear our moms yell out, “put on a slip under that dress!”

Believe it or not, I still own quite a few slips, (some half slips and some whole) that I’ve had in my lingerie drawer for about 20 years now! My mother, who is really big on lingerie bought me my first slip. This was way before Spanx came around and took over the world of undergarments but yes, slips use to be thing to wear under any type of dress or skirt and gave you that smooth out look and helped with visible panty lines.

I wear them around the house now and I find them extremely sexy and my hubby loves them! They have a vintage feel and look to them that I love and you can find these cuties at any thrift store. Just take them home and use gentle detergent, use a gentle cycle and hang to dry. Most that I have found, have delicate lace on them which I never understood why but they do add a bit more femininity to them. When I do my makeup and hair for events, I slip one on and they put me in a great mood for whatever reason I don’t know! Try looking for them at your local department store but they are pretty hard to find now a days. You may still find them in JcPenney or any department stores in your area. Try them on and see how much you like them, your mate will love you for them! Do you still own a slip? xoxo

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