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The Original Cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”: Where Are They Now?

November 4th, 2012

I have been hanging around The Real Housewives of Atlanta since it premiered November 11th 2008! I had just started my blog in 2008 too and my hits were off the chain getting 18,000 visits daily just from their posts/pics alone! They are like family to me and I am so glad I had the opportunity to be around them and invited out to their events! As you know, I have become really close to some of them like my bookie Lisa Wu,NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak. I wanted to show you guys their very first red carpet here in Atlanta and how much everyone has changed! Money does you well doesn’t hit? I even changed a bit and that dreadful bang, geesh! I love all of the ladies and wish them the very best with all of their careers! Check out the pics! Season 5 of the Atlanta Housewives premieres tonight at 9pm on Bravo! I got my popcorn ready! xoxo

Lisa Wu in 2008, just as sweet then as now!

Lisa Wu now in 2012, Lisa Wu is still my buddy who is raising her 3 boys, shooting lots of movies and is divorced from Ed Hartwell. You will see her in Scary Movie 3 coming to theaters soon!

NeNe Leakes in 2008. I didn’t know her but she had a spit-fire personality back then as she does today! She is lots of fun! We had a small altercation once but  quickly made up after about a year. So glad we did! 

NeNe Leakes in 2012 and now she has taken Hollywood by storm! She is juggling working on three tv shows at once and I’m not mad at her! She is currently on Glee,The New Normal and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cha-Ching! She is a new Glam-Mom(grandma), still raising her sons and is currently divorced from her hubby Greg.<<Side-Eye! lol! 

Kim Zolciak in 2008. She was so fun and very personable when I met her for the first time. Very sweet spirit! 

Kim Zolciak in 2012! Still fun and the life of the party! She is married now to Kroy with 4 kids! I can’t believe it! She is so happy and it shows inside and out! Congrats Kimmy! 

Deshawn Snow in 2008. I never really got that close to DeShawn. She is a very reserved person but I do know she loves the Lord and helping others.

DeShawn Snow in 2012,She is now in school for womens ministry and has a line of children books out. She is divorced from her NBA husband Eric Snow. She is also raising her three boys. 

Sheree Whitfield in 2008. She is another one that I never really got that close to. Although we both are from the same hometown, we just never clicked. 

Sheree Whitfield now in 2012. She will not be returning for Season 5 of the Atlanta Housewives. I was one of the first to break the news on my site that she was fired thru a good source. I saw her out one day and she stated to me that it was “her” decision not to return to the show(ok girl). I do know that she finally got the money she was owed by her ex Bob Whitfield. Good for her! 


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