The Sally Hansen test


Sally Hansen Insta-Dry

I dont know if you guys knew but I had another life besides being a talk show host. Yes, I was a Nail Technician and Salon Owner(Nails by Tammie) back in Cleveland,Ohio. I loved to do nails and especially tootsies, that was my speciality. I miss those days but then again maybe not! Once the Koreans took over the market, I bowed out graciously and focused on my family lol.


Well a great PR Company that reps Sally Hansen, sent me some great new polishes. I really like the colors and the bottle shapes are appealing. I’m a bottle girl, don’t know why but I like pretty bottles to sit on my vanity, I’m weird like that. My daughter instantly caught whind that I had polishes and begged me to give her a manicure.


I thought she would be a great hand model,since she is 12 and loves to play in my nail polish. She is a very active tween, so I will see how long the polish holds up on her. If the polish stays on till she gets home from school tomorrow, Sally Hansen you win!

Here is my daughter’s nails and feet polished with a lil design I put on her. She refused to have plain nails, you know kids! Smh. The polishes all look very pretty, and I liked how the polish applied to her nails. If I had to say anything bad about the product, that would be that one, the size and shape of the brush. I really dont care for it. Also 2,It says on the bottle, Fast Dry, but after about a few minutes, it was still kind of sticky. I will update you guys when my daughter comes home from school, to see how the polish held up. Stay tuned!

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