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The T: Bad Girl Tanisha Thomas Back On The Market??

August 4th, 2012


As you know I’ve been covering the 65th Annual Bronner Brothers Hair Show held here in Atlanta,Ga at the Georgia World Congress Center. Well, guess who I ran into while down there. None other than Bad Girl Club’s reality star Tanisha Thomas! She is soo darn cute in person and full of personality! She hosted the hair battle where the grand prize winner walked away with $1,000. The crowd absolutely loved her! Well during an intermission I caught up with her and did a quick lil interview. Thats when I noticed she didn’t have on that blingy wedding ring!

You guys know me and I quickly asked where was the hubster and what was up with the ring. She gave me that look and said, “Tami girl, we will have to chat and do a one on one but girl I couldn’t do it anymore!” Then she waved her ring finger at me and shook her head! What???? I just got into watching her episodes of her hit reality show Tanisha Gets Married which aired May 7th (click here) On Demand, and the girl done kicked her hubby Clive to the curb already, wow! If I get the chance to do an interview with her I will let you guys get all the T but for right now, I am in awh! All that money on that fabulous wedding but I could tell that her husband was kinda un-motivated to do anything and she is such a go getter! I wonder if they got their marriage annulled? Well guys, Tanisha is back on the market! ┬áTill next time! xoxo


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