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The T: Toya Wright Wants You To Know…

August 7th, 2012

So yesterday was my 2nd Blogger’s Luncheon held at Srip/Atlantic Station. I had a special surprise celebrity guest which was reality star/business woman Toya Wright. She stopped by to talk about her latest best selling book, her boutique in New Orleans(Garb) and her new clothing line Adorn that will hit select Walmart stores by Christmas. I asked her about her brand, family,bloggers being negative towards her, personal style and more! Everything was going fabulous until I asked her about fellow reality star from Love & Hip Hop ATL, K-Michelle! All hell broke loose and Toya went all the way in!

Toya said, “I’m glad you brought that up because she(K-Michelle) went on the Breakfast Club radio show running her mouth and talking about me and my husband! I want her to keep my name out of her mouth!” Chile…chit got real! She then went on to say, “hell a lot of people abused her! Where is the proof that my husband beat on her? Where is the police reports that my husband threatened her son? I need some proof! “If anyone knows my husband they have nice things to say about him, says Toya. Even his ex-girlfriends never came forward to say he was abusive!”

The producer of Love & Hip Hop ATL, Mona Scott asked Memphitz to come on the reunion show to defend himself with the accusations on what K-Michelle said about him, but they turned it down. Toya said, “K-Michelle needs to find her own story line and stop trying to stay relevant by gaining ratings from us”. “You know she is bonafide schizophrenic too! She doesn’t even have custody of her son”. Ok, I’m on the ground!

Toya said,up till this point,she has NEVER said anything about K-Michelle but she is getting sick and tired of her bringing up her name and wants her to focus on her music career. Toya said she is a talented singer and she needs to promote that on the show and not make it about her relationship. I agree, K-Michelle,you have a great platform, use it for your music and keep it moving! I hope they hash it out but if she keeps bad mouthing the Wrights, I see a gag order coming soon! #epicfail. Till next time kiddos! xoxo

Check out the video!


  1. Yakini says:

    Umm yeah, he may wanna go ahead and get that gag order, cuz i dont think she’s gonna stop talking about this “abuse” any time soon. That would’ve been interested if he had come on the reunion show tho…. Would’ve liked to hear his take on it.

  2. Bobbie says:

    I’m glad Toya finally spoke on this, and I don’t blame her on NOT bad mouthing K.Michelle, because that would make her relevent and they would be giving her shine. Tami, you are a GREAT hostess :)

  3. Fab Chick says:

    Gag order, huh? seems like they (Toya & Mephiz) should be suing K.Michelle for defamation of character if all her allegations are false, Right? #IJS It must be some truth to something..and Imma need them ( Toya & Mephiz) to stop saying OTHER people abused her too, it almost like saying ” well, other ppl abused her too, not only me”

    Anywho. I love Toya’s hair…..

  4. MiaK says:

    I heard about this before him and Toya even went public. When Toya was kissing James Harden on the Tiny and Toya show. Lyfe Jennings wife already spilled some Tea on Toya. It’s K. Michelle’s story and she can tell it! Memphitz claimed a month ago on Kandi Koated nights that his lawyer was on it… His lawyer is moving very slow….Know why?? Because he beat that girl!

  5. wtfever says:

    I am really saddened that Toya is taking this approach. She really cannot bet her life on Memphitz telling the whole truth and nothing but. I had a best friend who NEVER spoke on her husband being abusive, he killed her. An abusive man isn’t capable of overcoming being an abuser without acknowledgement and counseling. Abusive men don’t necessarily abuse every woman they date and some not for many years. Domestic Violence kills many and I really feel in my heart KMichelle is speaking the truth. Toya may want to pump her brakes a bit. She is not the spokesperson for all things right people. Look at her life she is as imperfect as any one of us women not in the celeb world. CheckYoSelf Toya.

  6. TB says:

    I must agree with Fab Chick on this one!! (except for loving Toyas hair)

    I dont think K. Michelle is that great of an actress to sway everyone enough on this if it werent true. This woman comes to tears everytime she talks about it dang near. I’m not saying the man did do it and I’m not saying he didnt do it but there’s some truth to it. He even admitted in an interview that he pushed her. She was speaking on this abuse before Toya and he got married so its not like she’s trying to piggyback off of something. Toya’s show isnt even on right now and no one is talking about them to be honest except for this.

    I think that it is very disrespectful of Toya to say where are the police reports I need proof. Clearly she has never read any stats on domestic violence. Most women in those situations never report it and thats for woemen in long term relationships who are abused on a regular basis. I think the comment was very insensitive and unless she was there she cant speak on it. And to say she’s been abused before was just ignorant and she’s clearly never had any sort of media training. You dont get negatively emotional in an interview, I dont care how lax the setting may be.

    And her friend Rasheeda, to publicly say that maybe that didnt happen to her. (preview of next episode) REALLY?? Just becuase he isnt currently abusing your friend doesnt mean he couldnt have abused someone else. That’s like a little girl going to her mother to tell her that the father is molesting her. And the mother doesnt believe the child because the father isnt abusive towards her. I applaud her for having her husbands back, which any good wife should, but you dont speak on things that were before you and you only know the part he’s telling you.

    What man is really going to come out and tell his current wife “Yeah I beat her a**”? Honestly she shouldnt have even addressed it other than to say our attorney’s are taking care of it and moved on.

  7. Dionne says:

    I’m with Fab Chick on this one. Something does not seem right. Why stop with just a gab order? Not only that, K. Michelle has stated that she was able to get out of her deal with the record label and own her publishing because she presented the text messages to the label that he sent to her. Labels are not that generous. Especially to a new artist who they know will sign over their lives to have a shot.

  8. Dionne says:

    * gag order.

  9. ToyaNeedsToGrowUp says:

    It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

    Why did she spend five minutes talking about someone who’s “irrelevant”? Toya just made herself look like a fool and it looks like she really needs to grow up. SMH….

  10. QT says:

    Toya, by being a good wife…I understand why you’re standing behind your husband & all but if she’s so “irrelevant” to you then why waste your hot breath?!…Oh ok..Honestly,in my opinion I don’t believe the talented songstress K. Michelle would act & lie about the situation that has happened to her involving Memphitz especially in the public at the end of the day, what’s done in the dark WILL come to light!

  11. Lets keep it real says:

    Pause go hear his interview with TT Torez where he describes the incident and sounds like hes missing some pieces then he corrects himself. He may not be an abuser but they did fight. And he DID smother her with a pillow he said it too!

    I now lost all respect for Toya because i dont care if K is crazy or not dont down play the situation because he is a sweet guy. I am a nice and sweet person as well but when im pushed to that point and im fighting someone
    Im a totally different person, that doesnt mean i am a fighter. It can just mean that a person has pushed me to a point of rage and anger and now im beating their a55. PERIOD

  12. Mija says:

    This broad is dumb as hell! Girl you didn’t know that man back then! You don’t ever put money on what another human being will and won’t do!

  13. l says:

    Sigh….I wish these two grown black women would let the Lord handle this mess.SMH. If you think for one second a man with a past will tell you he beat down some woman,he will not do it, sweetie. Stop upholding foolishness, Toya.Dag, let this dude ride this out alone, all by himself.Besides, he knows if it’s true or not….he just doesn’t want to say.Dude aint dumb….. K.Michelle, you have said your piece, now go and get some peace.Please release this anger from your heart. You have a child to think about and you need to grow and move on from pain.Let it go, gurl!

  14. l says:

    Also… when he gets mad enough, he’ll reveal his true nature.Just let Toya wait for it, it’s coming if he’s not scared of her people.

  15. Jay1 says:

    Toya is within her rights as a wife to speak on the issue that was bought out by KMichelle and being exploited by Mona Scott. And just because someone says you did something doesn’t make it true. I live in Memphis and I have never heard a peep about an incident with Memphitz and KMichelle. Memphis is small and by hook or crook this would have been reported on the 5 o’clock news, the Bobby o’Jay Show (local radio), etc…, (for days), especially with both of them being local talent. The only mention regarding Mickey was when his father was murdered, and the case was finally solved. Toya having Memphitz back is normal for a wife. So to judge her based on what she has on and what her hair looks like is catty. Toya & KMichelle have come a long way, and they are both winning. Let us celebrate that. Mona will continue to exploit this story on the next episode next week, not resolving a thing.

  16. vbeautifulv says:

    ****DO YOUR RESEARCH B4 YOU COMMENT****…she BEEN talking about this situation n code years b4 in her songs…but she kept it classy n never said names..she didnt on the show either…toya came out n said it was her husband and she was a liar. and im pretty sure that u never had domestic abuse with a man u loved because many never tell. THATS HOW IT GOES….there would not be sooooo many organizations trying to help women leave and give them the confidence to charge these men. she being honest about how she handled it when most feel embarrassed to say they did nothing at the time. this goes with almost ANY abuse…rape,molestation etc…. look up the nature of domestic violence and you will see…k michelle’s “story” is a CLASSIC CASE

  17. Moriah says:

    Toya is soooooo . . . .I’m not going to even say it. Toya stfu you must forgot that Lil Wayne is YOUR STORY. . . If it wasn’t for Wayne, you wouldn’t be where you are today! You probaly wouldn’t even be married to mempHITZ . . .just because he hasn’t showed you that he’s abusive doesn’t mean that that side of him doesn’t exist! I understand you want to stand behind your husband and all but there’s 3 sides to a story. Of course he’s not going to flat out tell you he did it. .

    mempHITZ know he is guilty or else he would have stayed quiet about the situation and let his so called lawyers handle it but nooooo he had to go on twitter. Then he deleted the tweets but if K Michelle need a screen shot of them tweets I got them!! LOL

    Your husband is irrelevant, only a handful of people actual know who he is so why would K Michelle used this for publicity!? Be serious now plus she been talking about this since 09′. And how is she suppose to move on when people are constantly asking about it!?
    Toya you have several seats. \_ \_ \_ \_ \_

  18. bossladii says:

    i agree k michelle is irelevant so she has to talk about this alleged abuse to keep herself relevant. She should concentrate on her career and maybe seek some professional counseling because their is definetly something wrong with her. She may have been abused before in her life but i doubt it was by memphis. She has obviosly still in love with the man and cant except the fact that their relationship is over and he is now happily married to toya and this is the life that k michelle thought she would be sharing with memphis. Get over it k he doesnt love u its over!!!!! stop making a foo l of youself u are starting to look ridiculous. I had never heard of k until the show and even on the show she was irrelevant nobody cared that she was a struggling artist trying to get her career back off the ground and now that she has come out with these abuse allegations it appears she is the abusive one the threating one. I believe she was the agressor and memphis was trying to stop her violence towards him by blocking her punches and slaps and simply trying to restrain her to keep from any further violence. If memphis truly beat k like she claims where’s the evidence!!!!!!! im just saying!!!!!!

  19. Destiny says:

    All y’all can chill on k michelle was y’all there when she got abused no and I’m not saying I’m taking her side but why would she make something up so crazy so chill because y’all didn’t know about their convo ,their relationship,or nothing about them so SHUT UP AND CHILL FRFR FOE SOMEBODY GO HAM UP IN HERE LIKE ME. Just to let you know don’t talk smart to me cause i will smack you up foreal I don’t care who you is and how big you is or how you are I ain’t scared and you ain’t got to be scared to get beat up FRFR

  20. […] Wright was recently interview by “Talking With Tammy” and she noted that while K. Michelle is “irrelevant to her” she felt compelled to speak out […]

  21. […] Wright was recently interview by “Talking With Tammy” and she noted that while K. Michelle is “irrelevant to her” she felt compelled to speak out […]

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