Things I’m luvin for back to school!

Yes, I’m screaming to the top of my lungs and I know you can’t hear me but yes! My kids are back to school and I am too excited! I’m starting to get a lot of cool things in the mail for school and I wanted to show you some things that I’m luvin!

Carolina Pad Dreamsicle collection. My daughter loves the coordinated colors and everything is packaged so nice and was on her school list! How convenient!

Filtered water bottle by Bobble. No more ruining the environment with the plastic water bottles, no you can just refill these at the water fountain at school!

The Texas Instrument  new TI-nspire. I am not good at math lol. My daughter will find this tool very helpful with the new age math problems!

Dotgirlproducts Just in case there is an emergency, my daughter will feel safe.

Outofprintclothing Cool tees for my son to wear to school.

Ecozip storage bags. We use these for my sons snacks. You can do crackers and carrot sticks in one baggy! How cool is this!

MimiTheSardine lunch tote for when my daughter wants to take her lunch to school.

The Wheego! It’s great to use to run up to the school, when your kids forget their lunch.

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