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Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau for Vogue France… Fail!

August 4th, 2011

You know I love me some fashion. I sometimes joke about the models being way too thin but now Vogue Paris has gone overboard! Look at these photos of Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, who is only 10 years old. That’s right you read it correctly! She’s the hottest thing smoking, modeling for many brands but some of these pictures are just too suggestive for my liking. I can’t really go in on the pint size beauty because my own daughter was part of the whole Toddlers & Tiara world when she was younger and she was in full glitz when we did pageants many years ago.

I was still the mom, though, and knew when to draw the line and edit anything my child was doing. Where was Thylane’s parents at the photo shoot? From my understanding, her mom is in the fashion industry and her dad is a soccer star. Although some of the pictures are not that bad, what makes my stomach turn are the ones in the high heels, red lipstick and suggestive poses, I can’t! Each year the models get younger and younger and thinner and thinner. With our kids being exposed to so much on the Internet, it’s hard for parents to monitor every little thing our kids see. I think if the fashion industry doesn’t take more responsibility for the images they send out, it will make our young girls think it’s OK to look grown and send mixed messages to others. What are your thoughts? (I’m only showing the ones that are decent, but click on the thumbnails to see the other ones).


  1. Yakini says:

    Omg! I didn’t even wanna enlarge the one of her shirtless with the necklace, cuz Im at work and lord knows what kinds of red flags that would activate on this state computer. Mercy!
    Most of them are pretty and age-appropriate, but a few of them simply went too far…

  2. Her little feet cannot even fit into the shoes she is modeling…. She is too young for some of those ads. It totally turns me off to the brands using her

  3. Fernando says:

    She’s just another Brooke Shields, nothing more

  4. So very wrong and mostly inappropriate. The first three adds are actually fine (the third, her shirt could have a little less of a plunge)… but the rest of the photos are WAY too suggestive for any child. This isn’t the cutesy dress-up that little girls normally do.

  5. Jay says:

    Found the whole shoot at the link above. Crazy site but makes some great points. This is about little children made up to turn on a god damn pedophile. This is just sick, disturbing sh*t, and it is absolutely disgusting this is put out as ‘art’. Child molestors run rampant in your govt buildings and some of the highest places in society. This should not be ignored or repeated.

  6. Fernando says:

    My God, she’s not naked! It was a shoot in France where kids are topless at many beaches. People are to prudish in the USA. Leave France and it’s open minded beautiful people alone. In America men can’t even hug their own kids or grandkids without people talking. Loosen up America and quit forcing your morals on normal people.

  7. Jonae says:

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous! But what I don’t understand is why would her parents let her take a topless picture. The one with the Indian head wear thing she doesn’t have a shirt on but the necklace is covering up things. She’s 10 she isn’t fully developed yet but still a 10 year old shouldn’t be taking topless photos whether she’s being covered up by beads or not. I’m 16 and even I don’t take photos like that. But she is a very beautiful girl her parents need to step in and tell them to take it down a notch.

  8. Lavinia says:

    Well, Jay, you said it best.

  9. sophie says:

    I understand what most people are saying, but if she really loves to model and wants to commit herself that much then it’s her decision.

  10. Kiersten says:

    This is not about being edgy. This isn’t even about Art. Cause these photos are neither edgy nor are they Art.

    This is about protecting youth and innocence of a child. Let’s make sure we understand that at this age, she is a child first and foremost. As adults and parents, we should know better than to stop protecting our young for the sake of something as shallow as this. Look, dressing it up doesn’t change a damn thing. Have a strange guy down the street ask you if he could pay you money to take pictures of your 10-year old child in makeup and heels and shirtless….well, what the hell would you say? Just because in this case the photographers are from Vogue – does it make it any less creepy? Nope. Still creepy.

    Remember in the movie Bruno where he pretends to be doing a fashion shoot and the parents were so desperate to have their children be “models” that they didn’t care that the subject matter was about dressing their children up as Nazi’s? Well here we have it. If we dress it up as “Art” does that make any horrible thing palatable? I believe that is short-changing what Art is.

    I’ll critique it from an artist standpoint. Simply because the defenders of this seem to be saying that calling it art or high fashion or edgy somehow makes this okay. So here it is. The verdict is that this is not okay and that as art, this is crud. They look like copies of other high fashioned “provocative” shoots. Just a 10 year old child switched in for an older model. Their is no progressive artistic movement here. Only a cheap shot at having the shock value compensate as artistic value. It doesn’t explore any new ground. It doesn’t bring any depth and beauty or new understanding of it’s subject matter. There is no artistic value in these pictures other than, well, okay, the lighting is alright, the clothes are okay. Makeup is a bit heavy. Angles are boring…

    The child is beautiful. They should have shown her beauty and intelligence rather than making her pointless and redundant. And for those people who say that it’s her choice…ah, no. If your 10 year old decides to smoke pot, play with guns or decide that she want’s to do numerous other stupid things, you tell them no. As for the child model, let’s be real. She’s a little girl, little girls like to dress up in mommy’s heels, try putting on makeup and wear pretty glittering clothes. For her, this was a fun dress up, being the center of attention and looking pretty. I’m sure her goal wasn’t to be “provocative” or “sexy” or turn on some sick pedophile. So Adults of Vogue Paris…please be adults, apologize for your error or admit your stupidity and use better judgement next time. The grown-up world arrives way too fast as it is, no need to take advantage of a child and exploit her for your own gain. Because I’m sure it was done for gain. Bad or good, the publicity is probably what your ultimate goal was. Please try to remember your morals and realize that it’s a real person, a real child that is the important part of the equation, not how much your readership grows or how many hits your website gets.

    Peace out.

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